what plan do you have for yourself

What plan do you have for yourself?

To spend life like you want to spend it, you need a plan. Either you live with peace with yourself, or… Or you don’t live. It’s just existence. Flowers also just exist.

Couch – idea power generator.

Sitting today on a couch, working freely and wondering about the sense of life. You could call it a freedom, I call it a another day. I’m sitting and wondering about a plan for a life, and what exactly is my purpose for the next 60 years. On the one side – I’ve did everything I had to do for today, I earned money and did a workout. On the second hand – I wonder what’s next. When I was sitting in the United States and preparing smoothies for often funny people, I knew that it will be a explosion in my life when I come home. Now I’m here and I have to figure out what’s next. Because you can’t sit in one place for your whole life. At least not me.

Tim, you could go to regular work, earn big cash and be happy – my colleagues say. I call it bullshit. What life I would get? Work from 9 to 5, social insurance and a regular company car? No time for myself, 30 minutes to eat my lunch and two weeks of holiday every year? No way. Not me. With all respect, but regular work for a regular salary, with regular people and a typical, regular company car is not a miracle. It’s a soap opera I can watch in TV. It fits some people – others don’t. I tried this and I didn’t like it. I’m impressed by rappers from Los Angeles, landlords from Miami Beach and miners who work hard as hell in the center of Colorado. Typical office job is too typical. Too many people do that.

And then comes the trouble. When you don’t want to take part in all this fun, nobody will show you how to be different.

You have to have a plan to do it. No one will show you how.

Unless your mother is a landlord with 20 properties, your father a business owner, or uncle a lawyer – no one will help you. Of course, many people on your way will share their wisdom with you, but no one from the richer circle will want to talk with you. Unless you want to work for them. All those fancy words in the title look good from the marketing point of view, but there has to be any meaning. The case with this plan is that plan allows a human being to verify, is he doing what he really wanted to do half a year ago. Quite easy thing, but easy to lose in the long run. You can have a dream, you can have a goal, but if you don’t verify your progress – it’s only imagination. Cheers all self-help gurus.

Sometimes (recently more often and often) I hit the wall of reality with everything around I have. More often and often I feel this wall. I forget to do few things which I wanted to do. It doesn’t work this way, that I fail in the realization, but I’m proud I see the mistakes.

Because: (!)

Do you see a person wise in their own eyes? There is more hope for a fool than for them. ~ Proverb from the Bible

And still many people do absolutely different things they wanted to do two years ago.

Maybe I will suffer for a while to be great later?

Yes, of course! It’s absolutely normal and civilized to delay your gratification, however, smell the difference between delaying and wasting your life. It’s nothing unusual to wait for a business to be profitable in one year, but it’s absolutely sick to work for a minimum wage for ten years, when you deserve big money (but don’t overestimate your abilities, please).

Summarizing, think a while do everything you are do today – and tomorrow – gets you closer to the real you, or it’s a side crap. If it’s the second, maybe change daily routing and do what’s right for you.