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Too big ambitions like a stone. Quite hard to handle

Do having too big ambitions is a good or bad thing? Why expectations bigger than possibilities are harmful? How over ambitious people end up?

Today’s case: friend who thought too much of himself.

Recently one of my friends showed what he really thinks of himself. It was unfortunate for him to express himself, because his imagined world was a lot different than the reality.

All began when he was much younger, when his imagination was stronger. He dreamed about being a politician with his own office and people. Something similar to the level of a president. Such dreams are useful when you are in your teens. They make you look bigger in other’s eyes. Years passed, nothing changed. Guy is still in the same place, but he has lost few years of his life. He did nothing to change his position.

You are either going forward, or you are drifting around.

Problem with too ambitious people is that they overestimate their abilities, and instead of doing small things forward – they wait until a big thing comes. Our friend is also waiting (probably even right now) for a miracle, instead of taking little steps forward. Talking to the guys in a party to sign up? No, he is too big for it. He will make his own party. Participating in the local events? No way, he is going to be a president! His ambitions are bigger than his skills, and no one takes him seriously. You see, it doesn’t really matter what you think of yourself, if you don’t have any experience. Of course, sometimes uneducated and dumb people become politicians, but the majority has experience in what they do. They have something they can put in the resume. It’s not a will to change the world.

Ambitions are useful. Work is more important.

You can’t imagine how many people right now are feeling powerful. You won’t even believe how many great minds are going to achieve nothing in next 50 years of their lives. Not because they are dumb. Not because they doesn’t fit in the society, but because they dream more than they do. I have a great imagination. I can build a castle in my mind and create whole army of women there. But as soon as I open my eyes, I will get back to nothing. It’s very important to realize that what you envision doesn’t have to be your future.

Visualization is important. When you’re using Photoshop.

Real things come from plans. I imagined myself in a helicopter five years ago. I didn’t managed to do it in five years by myself. My girl bought us a voucher for Christmas. It took her two minutes to do what I’ve been visualizing for few years. She had a simple plan to go – and do it.

When your ambitions are greater than abilities, then they’re dreams.

Ambitions are something what can get you far. Or ruin you. It looks like this: normal ambitions push you, motivate you. Sick ambitions over motivate and make you hit the hard concrete wall. It’s impossible to jump over a three meters high wall, when you are one fifty. It’s also impossible for you to afford a Bentley when you barely have something to eat. I believe in you, but you have to work more than you speak, or you are going to be an actor.