new day good mood

Today I have a good mood. You also can be happy

Tomorrow you can have a great day and a great mood. Do you know why? I know that you want to find out, you inquisitive being. Answer below.

How it is to write something what even you don’t want to read?

As always, when I try to write something ultra wise and intelligent, I end up with a piece of shit, that even I don’t want to read. It should work this way that while writing the idea is born in me, and I modify it. Not the other way around. According to what I’ve said in the first sentence, sometimes even I don’t want to read things I’ve wrote. I wonder what’s the sense of writing such crap?

But now, I feel fucking amazing. I’ve done a amazing workout, my funds are constantly growing. Summer is coming and I’ve got the power. The only thing I have left right now is to ask myself what will be next. And after such questions the propaganda mode turns on. Certainly, it’s not so easy to keep up with your ambitions and be happy. But today I did it.

I feel empty, I have to look for the ideas.

I’m wondering what happened to my brain, that today every idea flew away from my mind and I hardly struggle to write anything. I feel like I’ve done everything I had to do today, and I no longer have to think. Quite funny state of mind, especially when I realize I have a report to do.

Today, I’ve also realized that you should never ever underestimate what you have, and never complain on your current situation, as long as you have something to eat. That at certain point of life I forgot I have things, and few things changed.

How to have a good mood in three steps:

Let’s write something worthy. Today I’ve woke up with a great mood – you already know that. But what makes us feel good? What gives you a opportunity to have a good day? First of all – your health. By health I mean your body, blood pressure and overall condition. Few years ago, I was fat. Now only my mother remembers it, but every f*cking day I woke up and wondered who the hell I see in the mirror. I know what does it mean to be fat, and I know that is not a good thing. Now, I wake up, I look in the mirror and see a good looking, big guy. If you haven’t experienced something like this, you will never understand that excitement. What I wanted to tell you saying health? Nothing can ruin your mood from the beginning, more than seeing someone you don’t like in the mirror.

Second thing: watch out what you eat.

I have a great recipe how to destroy your next day: eat a pizza right before going to sleep. Dizziness and fatigue in the morning – guaranteed. You can be the happiest guy in the world, but you can kill your productivity and positive energy by not eating a breakfast, or eating too big breakfast. It doesn’t matter if you can eat three big pizzas for a dinner when you eat your breakfast. Eating something what exceeds your calorie needs will make you tired. Even before leaving home.

Third one: don’t give a damn.

Or don’t give a f*ck. What I’ve learned after living in a cold country where people’s hearts are made of ice, is that any care about their opinions will get you to the therapist. Wake up – don’t give a damn. It’s snowing and icy outside – don’t give a damn. You car won’t start – don’t give a damn. Someone almost crashed into you? Don’t give a damn. I will tell you this way: there is way too many things which can kill your good mood. Just don’t care about them.

Sum those three and have a good mood. I bet you can make it tomorrow!