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There is magic in the movement. Move your ass

Finally, I’m leaving and going somewhere. I don’t know why I always feel excited about leaving home, but as long as I remember, traveling was always a part in my life. Traveling and this movement.

Leave me absolutely alone and I will be effective as hell.

Every time I feel that I’m left alone and I need to manage things myself – I do it great. Give me my family, friends and money to cover my expenses, and I will get extremely lazy. I’ve been always looking for a reason why people who don’t have to fight, usually leave all their goals alone, and forget about things they always wanted to achieve. Right now I see that the more experience I have, and the more things I achieve – the less pressure I feel. That with the growth of my resources – I have to fight less everyday, because it’s getting easier. And what I fear is that at one point I could lose all my motivation, and fall into vicious circle of my greatness. Lying on a couch.

Set your ass on fire and you will find your motivation instantly.

I see that people who come from good homes where their parents don’t demand anything from them – become pussies. Also I see that guys who came from tough life conditions are hard as a rock. Maybe the reason why it looks this way that the second group has a choice to fight and eat or to surrender and starve.

Because it doesn’t work this way that if can achieve something, you will certainly get it.


I’m a example of it. With everything I can, with freedom I have – I’ve been a daydreamer for few years, waiting for a success to come to me. I know that it’s easier when you have big resources either in shape of talent, health, money or connections, but still you have to move your butt.

This feeing of movement, it’s so esoteric.

I love traveling. I think not only because of seeing new things, but because of this esoteric feeling of movement. I love doing things. Going forward, pushing new projects. Developing. But I couldn’t feel it without a will to move my ass and complete things from my checklist everyday. You can’t get to the next level without taking the stairs, and I’m not talking about the pseudo winner mindset. I’m talking about real action like doing, like taking steps towards your goals.

Watch out for your mind.

Easy recipe for a pussy? Think more than you do. Speak more than you can. Some call it marketing, but my team calls it bullshit. Many of people around me and you, learned that using self help methods in the long run, will get you to a therapist. Problem with motivational images /but not mine – mine are and fancy quotes is that those are abstract. That people who are giving you lessons and make seminars, in majority are only selling emotions. Nothing more. They tell you the story of a poor guy who was struggling, then he changed his mindset, and now he is a millionaire. It’s quite a good story, but it lacks details. Nick Vujicic is a example of a guy who had a hard time and finally won. But he had real problems. Majority of us has everything we should have, and majority of the majority still can’t get to the next level. Is not because of lack of motivation. It’s because of lack of detailed information, like where, why and with whom you have to make money. Just keep your mind on a leash and understand that motivation is not everything. You need precise information to be competitive.

If you want some movement, then move your ass and pursuit your goals and dreams. Preferably tomorrow.