Listening To Others

What’s the point of listening to others

When everyone is talking thrash and people judge you, should you listen? No. No, but seriously – what’s the point of listening to other people? Why it helps in life?

You don’t have any other source of information except your mirror.

Tell me, what is everything worth if you are alone? What is the value of billions, if you can’t spend it? Everything we do is somehow connected with the society, it contributes to it. Except your mirror – you don’t have any other source of information, because other people are the feedback. It’s possible to do a business without feedback, but it’s called a hobby. I bet you won’t make a successful business without prior asking people what do they need. I’ve learned this after making few such businesses. They were amazing in my head, but no one was interested to take part in it.

This time it will be different.

I ask people, so I can grow.

At some point reading books is not enough to grow further. At some point you get so wise, that books won’t help you. That’s why you need to ask people around what do they need. You can read all books, and still nobody will want to hang out with you. Not because you are too educated, but because you are boring. You don’t care about other people, so they don’t care about you. Even if you have the best ideas and you want to be the most honest guy in the area – no one will want to hang out with you, because you don’t listen to them.

When I don’t know something, I don’t sit in one place wondering what will be next, but I ask people around what could be my next step. They all combined know more than you, so you ought to listen to them.

But there is an exception.

Honestly, there is absolutely no point in listening to people who are doing you more harm than good. There is absolutely no point in caring about opinions which don’t bring any value to your life, and there is absolutely no point in wasting your time to listen to offences. Critical view on life is important, but to a point. Point where it turns to empty load of emotional words. I don’t care about opinions of people who do have nothing to do with their lives, I’m not interested in it.

Someone’s opinion doesn’t have to become your reality.

Where listening to others is important?

In every branch like TV, marketing or when you are a celebrity. Guys who work in those branches are quickly checked by people on the second side of the fence, and kicked out ASAP when don’t do what publicity wants.

Anyway, what am I talking about? Just listen to the other people. Hear what they want to tell you, learn from them. It’s really much easier to get information from people around, than read fifty books. People pass most valuable information and skip the less important parts. That’s why many business people achieve a lot, without a education. It happens because they listen.