One Man Band Hire Others

It’s cheaper to do things yourself or to hire someone?

Everything started with a broken height adjustment in my car seat. It’s cheaper to do things by yourself or hire someone? Why yes? And why not?

When small things break, you hire people.

Everything started with a broken height adjustment of a seat in my car. You know, it’s very annoying when you are over 6 feet, and you can’t set it lower. Basically – you have your head in the roof. And it’s not a convertible! For me, doing some mechanical work was nothing, nothing scary nor hard. Unless I removed the seat and tried to fix that crap. At some point in life, you should realize that it’s really cheaper to give certain problems to other people, than to fight with it yourself. Especially when it comes to broken car seat. So, something what was meant to take fifteen minutes, took five hours. And I even didn’t win with this crap!

Hire few people who know what they do, and focus on things you have to do.

Do you know why the biggest companies are so great and profitable? Not because they have great people, but because the CEO’s don’t have to fill papers. Other people do it for them, and they can focus on what they have to do. That’s one thing. Second thing is that majority of work are the easiest tasks. You can (and should) delegate them to employees and take care of real problems. While I was fighting with the car seat for five hours, a good mechanic would do that in half an hour. It’s over 4,5h of difference.

I sit and I think about all those people who think that they are one guy orchestras. What do they think about themselves? That they can do everything?

I was on a economy course. Once.

Maybe not once, but five times more, although I managed to learn something. I learned that we, people, should do what we are meant to do – I mean, what we like to do and just leave the rest to others. If you are good at making Instagram photos – keep doing that. If you are good at making donuts – open a donut point. Don’t torture yourself with a job you hate, because you won’t be efficient at it.

You could ask what job has to do with my car seat. I say: a lot. Specialization is not only a thing you should care about at work, but also on a everyday basis. If you are doing everything by yourself, then you will certainly have many skills. But you will do much less than those who use other people’s services.

Then comes business.

Everyday at work, I’m repeating my colleagues about the need to delegate tasks. That the more other companies do for us – the more time we have. It’s really amazing to reply our customers for fifteen hours a day, but it doesn’t make sense when we can delegate it to a third party company or set a automatically replying robot. Owner of a bigger company cannot take care of basic things, because it makes him a basic employee. You don’t hire other people to watch you do things, but to help you with them. I see too often owners taking care of things which can be done by their employees. They waste their time by supervising such processes.

This is how you make an article about business starting from a car seat.



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