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The wiser article I want to write, the dumber it is. This one is easy

I wonder how does it work that the wiser article I want to write, the dumber it is. Do it work this way that too big care causes problems? When I was living in the US, I learned something different.

Fire here, fire there. What the hell?

When I was living in the United States, I’ve learned to care less in order to get better effects. When I got back to my lovely home country, something went wrong. My magical ability to don’t give a damn about things around somehow vanished, and I started to care about the shit around. University – fire. Business – fire. Personal life – fire. What the fuck, am I a firefighter? Constantly something (and more often people) demand from me to do things faster, better and in a better style. I don’t have even time to quietly think about my life, because I have to go there, do this, check that, or change this. Why doesn’t all of this crap want to work well by itself?

Everyone is lying that you have to run to get rich.

I get the idea that running is healthy, but running fifteen hours a day will ruin your heart and muscles. I get the idea of doing business cardio to be the best, but I doubt the effectiveness of this approach. I doubt that hurricane of action will get you far, if the only thing you are doing is pretending. Majority is pretending that they do something. People pretend to work. People pretend to do business. People pretend to change.

But I don’t get where all of the kindness is, and why everyone is on fire. Especially in big cities, you can see, that everyone is running. Are they doing their cardio? Again?

One wise guy said that getting rid of the water […]

from a leaking boat doesn’t leave you time for rowing. What is the point of constant running, if you are not moving forward? Damn, the title was about something different. Intro was about writing dumb articles and we ended up with a philosophy. But honestly, the more I focus on writing something wise, the worse the effect is. However, same thing I see when I create anything. When you want to make something really really great, you will get a crappy product. Because it doesn’t leave you any room for thinking and being relaxed.

Many times I wrote about not giving a damn, and I have a flag article about it here. But only after some time I’m able to see, that you can’t try to do it. You have to do it. I know almost nothing about you, you know that my name is Tim. And that’s it. But I really think that if you are deeper than an inch into business and relations with people, I believe that you need a shield from them. That even little care about their words can cause scars on your inner self. Don’t give anyone possibility to write your life’s scenario.

Unless you are dying from lack of food and money, express yourself. Write your own scenario.

If you don’t have to run everyday, only to get some bread, and you have a roof over your head – maybe learn how to not give a damn. Maybe build a wall between yourself and business/work or whatever you do, and let all the crap happily bounce far away from you.



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