Businesses for lames

Businesses for lames and other sports

It doesn’t work this way that every business is great, and not everyone is born a hero. Why some businesses become a businesses for lames? Why it happens?

If everyone is into that, it means it’s for lames.

Good business is when you don’t have (almost) any competition, example: Facebook. Quite good business is when you are big, but you have only few competitors – McDonalds. Mere business is when you are good, but competition is big – restaurants on a boardwalk. And there are also businesses for lames. Businesses which deliver zero or barely any profit, in branches which are chosen by total lames.

Why some businesses become lame? Look, when you are the only one provider of a service on the market, you set the price, standards and rules. You adjust the market to yourself and almost steer the size of your income. Such thing Apple does, and their size is almost a guarantee of success. There are not many competitors. Now think about Instagram stars. All of them want to be unique, but there is over 600 million of users. How could they be unique among so many?

If someone is making seminars about it, it’s a bad sign.

Good business is a business where are secrets. When I have a secret recipe, only I can sell it – and everyone wants to buy it from me. Cola Cola is such an example. Now, when such business becomes exposed, recipe is worldwide known and everyone starts to do it – it ceases to be a profitable thing. Because the more the people around, the smaller the price gets – everyone wants to kill the competition. In effect, no one is making money and it’s called non-profit.

Learn one thing: when something is generating money and no one knows how it works – you don’t share the secret. Can you say such thing about those guys from seminars? They are selling businesses for lames.

You either have a business, or you have a hobby.

Business from definition is something what brings you money, preferably – big money. But, I often see people who call their hobby a business. Look, this blog is my own personal hobby – I like to write articles, I like people to read it. Maybe it will become extremely profitable some day – now, I can call it a hobby. But there exist a tribe of startup people, who “work” for eight hours a day, talk a lot about business, but finally have a income smaller or equal to zero (digit: 0). I know (and I often see) such people who are working all day, to say at the end of the month they’ve made amount equal to 50 dollars. Guys, you can make more in Starbucks. And the job is less stressful. See the difference between a business (working) and a hobby.

Jim, why you are a poor piece of ass? Are all those businesses for lames?

I don’t know if you also know such sort of people, but I do – of startup guys who are waiting two years hoping to get any money from their project. It’s a beautiful thing to have a lot of hope, but I can’t pay my bills with it. When a absolutely basic job is pay’s you (let’s say) 10 dollars per hour (it’s 80$ a day), then you have to make at least 80$ of profit in a business per day. And there is absolutely no point in having a business giving you 40$ for 8 hours of work, when you have more in a regular job. Screw all those independence loving fools, and focus on your income. It’s better to drive a Bentley, than to sit in a old Ford Sierra having a poor cookie business.

Just screw all those businesses for lames.

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