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Cardio: when you want a Bentley, you have to work more

I The longer I live, the more I feel the need to work. Few years ago I though that being intelligent will get me far. Now I see that there are too many intelligent people around.

I want to give you motivation to work.

On my own example. Two days before writing that, I decided to throw out the whole blog thing out. And I realized that: I can’t. I simply can’t do it. This blog became something what is a part of me, something that gives me everyday a chance to express myself. Without it, I simply start to feel bad. I love this site. Back with new thoughts and will to write, I would like to encourage you to work on your way to success. It doesn’t matter if you are into Ferrari’s, career or helping society. I wish you best, but you have to work. Move your ass and go where you want to be. Don’t sit in one place wondering all the time without visible effects.

When your only tool is hope […]

You get nowhere. When I was sixteen, I was repairing iPhones of my friends. Changing screens, replacing batteries – easy business. Guy I knew was doing absolutely the same. But the difference between him and me, is that now he has five points of repair services, and I don’t. We were starting from the same point, with the same resources. What differed us was that he didn’t have money for anything, and I had. I didn’t care about the outcome of this business, while he worked hard as hell.

Now I feel bad about myself I didn’t make more moves to have a great business, and when I had a big chance – I ignored it. Because I had too much time. Too many options. Guy I knew didn’t have any.

Over time you get that there are no easy ways.

There are easy ways, but not fully smooth and automatic ones. With this number of people around, with the internet – it’s really hard to be unique. Look at all those wannabes on Instagram. What do they think? That they can be unique in a 600 million users society? Everyone here is like that. We all would like to take the easy way and win in ten seconds. But majority can’t.


But if you are smart as hell, wealthy as a prince or know too many people, then it gets much easier. It won’t be very easy, but it will be a lot easier. Just don’t think that life can wait, and move your ass. Do your cardio, rest will come later.