smartphone in hands

Throw out your smartphone and discover life. Your life

Today I was wondering what would happen, if I stop to use my smartphone all the time and dedicate more time to my girl and myself. I did it and I discovered that my focus improved, smile grew and life changed. Below is something also about you.

How you can be interesting with a smartphone in your face?

You can’t. I can’t stand people who go out with you and constantly push buttons on their screens. I remember well one girl which I was dating for a while. Quite pretty, good looking. But her problem was her iPhone, which never let her go and talk with anyone. What I’ve found after a few hours with her, was that she never left her pink phone. Even when she was going to the toilet. Personally, it’s sick for me to eat with phone, and I feel it like an insult when someone is speaking to me with a phone in hand. It’s unbelievable for me and my friends. Maybe it’s something about my friends circle, but we have as little and as much respect not use phone while sitting with brothers.

I can’t sleep because my life is better than dreams.

Great quote for boring people. But honestly, what would had to happen so you would sacrifice your life for a small LCD or LED screen? I have enough of my iPhone after fifteen minutes of using it – after that I feel a need to throw it away. What will happen, if I take away Instagram and Facebook from you? Will you still have your life, or it will become dull and boring? Anyone who is working with people (including me) knows the pain of a constantly calling smartphone. While young kids can’t get enough of a Instagram and their screen, we want to throw out phones as far as it’s possible. How many calls you receive and make everyday? Two, five? Maybe ten? I make fifty to one hundred and I have enough. Imagine a girl who came with a smartphone in front of her on a date. Do you think I wanted like to see that?

Next to streets are trees. And sidewalks. Chicks walk on sidewalks.

Hold a phone, miss your life. Walk with eyes open and see a 10/10 chick standing next to you. Truth is, that what is on Facebook, is everywhere. What you experience is available only for you. You can’t tell me a story about what you’ve seen on Facebook, because I did it already. But you can tell me about this chick you picked up on a street. This is really interesting.

Problem with reading articles in the internet and browsing colorful pages, is that they force you to read more. Just a little. Then a little bit more. More and more. You end up spending 5 hours, watching people failing on YouTube. That’s a really interesting life!

I wish you more life, less screens and more progress. Instead of clicking buttons on your smartphone, check if maybe there is a sun outside. But leave your smartphone inside. And enjoy as much as you can.