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A lot of action doesn’t guarantee you a success.

There is a saying that the more action you take, the better effect you get. While it can be truth during digging holes, it’s doesn’t necessarily mean that it will make you a millionaire. What’s more important: thinking or acting?

Some people believe that doing something will bring them something.

It won’t. Sorry guys, but focus on the acting, instead of looking for the effects, will only consume your time. Many people who are new to business or have too big ego think that the success lies in a constant work. I tell you that you can work for fifteen hours a day and still make nothing. Why? Because you have to see the difference between movement and real actions. When you have your own business, it’s very easy to say that you are working – because no one is going to check it. Man, you don’t have a boss! And while it is a blessing for many people, for some can be a straight way to failure.

Because effects lie in a good plan and preparation. It’s a lot easier to run a marathon if for someone who works out, than for a couch potato.

Don’t take movement for action.

I can tell you a story about my recent trip to shopping mall in one or fifteen sentences. Most basic one will be that “I’ve been to the Harrods, I bought new suit and a pair of shoes.” And it will contain absolutely the same core, as something what I would say in fifteen sentences. But when I start to tell you the details – for example which stairs I took – you will perceive it as something what lasted longer, like five hours. As something that gave me more profit. Actually my trip took me half a hour and I did nothing to change my life. Same you can do with your business. You can have two business meetings on two ends of the city and say it was a lot of work, but what you really did was standing in a traffic jam for five hours.

Majority of people will never be interested in your journey. They only want to see the effect.

And that’s a sad fact that many of us can’t accept. It’s really fascinating to see a guy who said he will lose half of his weight, but it’s interesting for only one week. After that, everyone of us will abandon the topic and wait for the effects. If he fails to do it – no one will cry. If his completes his challenge – we will clap our hands. Same applies to work, personal life and business. People will be fascinated with your new product which launches tomorrow, but then we want to see the effect. We don’t want to hear your struggle. We want to see your victory.

And this is what differs real winners from losers.

Those who win concentrate on the shortest way to their goals. Those people don’t give a damn about the proper methods, attitude and other bullshit. They have a goal, they have a plan, and they do it. They don’t waste their time to take action which is useless, swimming in their pool of hope looking for a inspiration or potential effect. Winners posses feature of elasticity, they can adjust their actions to current situation, and get rid of things which are useless.

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