change your life man

To live your life, you have to change your life.

Wondering how to truly live your life? Nothing easier. Just change your life, so you can be someone you were designed to be.

How long you’ve been waiting to make decisions for yourself?

How long it took you to decide to do something for yourself? How many days you’ve been working on something you hate? What is the part of your life that doesn’t belong to you? What I would like to tell you, is that unless you drop everything what is not yours in your life, you will live someone else’s life. That everything you do, should be preceded by a question does it bring value to you or to someone else. It means that your work has to bring value to you first. That your daily routine has to bring value to you. That you can’t sacrifice your personal time to solve other people’s problems, and that you can’t eat fast food because you are in a hurry.

How many times you’ve postponed your plans to do tasks which weren’t yours? How many times you’ve sacrificed your dreams?

What are you waiting for? Suitable moment? Money?

Majority of us is waiting for something. We are waiting to start our plans, because we lack money. We want to live like in a dream, but we are afraid of it. Why? Because something deep inside us is standing against us, and instead of pushing you forward – pulls you back to the comfortable and distant position. Comfort zone is bullshit, when you talk too much about it, instead of challenging your fears. I saw too many people who are talking about comfort zone, but actually sit on their ass. Also, I’ve seen (and know) many people who never said a thing about self-development, but achieved a lot. It differs them from those who only know beautiful words.

Money is not a excuse to be thrown around, especially when it comes to work. It’s way more human to work for less, but in a worthy job, than to be a piece of s*** in a better paid place. If you can change the place, then you can change your life.

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Now, change your life.

Finally, when you know that there is something like your life, you can begin changing your life to live it. Get rid of everything what is annoying you on a everyday basis. Stop caring about other people’s opinion, like here. Make decisions which give you profit in the long run. Majority of people is listening to way too many people who pretend to be their advisors, while they only seek attention.

I got it at age of 16, that either it will be me, or them. That either I’m going to do something to be great, or something will take my personal life and consume it. And now I’m proud of myself that I’ve taken care of it and I’m quite a happy guy. And honestly, telling few people to go to hell was quite a smart idea. It took of the weight of my mind. Of handling their advice, “wisdom” and other very useful information they had.