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Short guide how to make your mind fulfilled

Making your mind happy and proud of its achievements is getting harder and harder with every new level. At some level, even top score stops to give you joy, so you have to learn how to make you mind fulfilled the other way. Here is your guide.

Tim, what do you do to achieve permanent satisfaction?

Nothing. Absolutely nothing. At certain point in life your realize that there is no thing as permanent satisfaction, and you cannot fulfill your mind once for a whole lifetime. While it has its advantages and disadvantages, it’s important for you to realize that nothing is for granted – especially making your mind happy of its achievements. Moreover, the higher you get in life, the harder it gets to satisfy your inner self. Successes which were a Mount Everest ten years ago, now are only a small hill on a beach. It’s not a problem anymore to achieve those. You could do it everyday. But what’s important right now after I’ve realized that you cannot be permanently happy, I began to look for the satisfaction of life in everyday actions.

Our mind cannot be fooled into being great in the past while it’s mere in the present.

No one cares about it, but those who are unemployed feel that everyday. It doesn’t matter how great you were two, twenty, or fifty years ago, if you can’t afford bread today. Everyone can fail at some point of life, lose his job and have financial problems for few months. It’s completely acceptable to look for a new job for few months or give yourself some time to start a business. But it’s completely personally and socially unacceptable to talk about your achievements from the past, when you constantly sit on your ass. I can’t stand such people, unless they are war veterans in their 80’s. I don’t get the point of glorifying your distant past to build your value in current world. If you were good, and now you suck – maybe go back in a time machine.

The best recipe to make your mind happy and fulfilled, is a good, adequate job.

Not the best paid job, but a enjoyable job. Not lazy, boring one, but such one which is interesting for you. If you like testing chairs, then go to IKEA. If you like smartphones, then go to Apple or Samsung. Basically, choose a job that fits your point of interest. Then your mind will be so absorbed by working, that it will become automatically proud of you. There is no such payment that can make accounting job enjoyable for a mathematics hater. Money won’t solve problem of a inadequate job.

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You want a business? Start it today, because tomorrow someone else will be doing that. You can’t get into a situation when you are working somewhere only because you need money for the rent, car or kids. If you are working in a place which you hate, then run away as soon as you don’t have any serious financial problems. There is nothing worse in life than doing everyday something you hate.