Make a million dollars

How to make a million dollars?

While 95% of people is working hard as hell to be rich, you’ve chosen to read that article, and find out how to make a million dollars. Who’ve told you that here you can find answers?

Working hard as hell without tricks won’t buy you a Bentley. Nor make a million dollars.

Happy news is that sun is shining somewhere right now, and you probably had a breakfast (eat, if you didn’t). Sad news is that no matter how you multiply 1000$ a month saved, you won’t get a million in less than seventy five years – mind that our average of life is around seventy five years (without childhood).

I would like to show you one interesting phenomenon. Phenomenon, that hard work won’t buy you happiness which you are pursuing, if you don’t use any tricks alongside with it. First of all, to make big money you need scale. In form of big business, nationwide popularity, or lots of stock papers. I’ve never heard about anyone who was cleaning carpets and his savings hit level of one million. Look at the best guys around in your neighborhood. The most wealthy one, what do they do? I doubt that any of them is working for minimum wage and saving money.

One million dollars is not much for everyone.

Remember than money is only a piece of paper. Again, only a piece of paper. Never tie emotions to money, because what for a typical Joe is much, for Zuckenberg is nothing. I mean that when you start to change layers of society, you will see that for them, “very much” is a different value. That you don’t have a value set by God, but you define it by yourself. While one hundred thousand per month for management is lots of money in a small company, for celebrities is standard rate. Frankly saying, your area of responsibility stays the same. Only people and prestige of job change.

Knowledge of this is extremely useful when you aim to have lots of money. Feeing guilt for taking lots of money for your work is a shot in your knee. Nobody cares how expensive you are, if they are paying for a good effect. Enjoy it.

Connections are far much important than IQ.

You know, few years ago I would say that being smart is the best gift you can ever have. Today, I have to say that IQ is not a guarantee of being successful. Pardon my French, but few months ago I’ve met a complete moron, who had a company. I thought that their main area of operations is selling ball pens in the countryside. What was my shock when friend told me, that this guy was actually a owner of big and profitable company, and only because of him this company was making big cash. He was not smart. He was not handsome. This guy’s consistency was great and he knew right people. Only because of his determination and connections his company became a giant. It’s a painful news for intelligent people who have only their IQ as a resource.

Finally, art of how to make a million dollars isn’t in saving money.

What I see among my friends who operate big bucks, is that they care about spending less, than on earnings. That they increase their earnings instead of cutting costs when they want something. Because when you earn more, then you can spend more. As I have said in the beginning – saving money under a pillow won’t make you rich. I’ve not made my first million yet, but I strongly believe that keeping those information in mind, will take me further, than plain hope to be rich and a blind fight with reality.

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