Why young people hit the wall when they become independent?

We have a coverage of political topics, economic ones, but we lack any commentary about things which young people experience when they get independent. Things that are really important to them. Like why making money is not as easy as it’s seems. Find out below why young people hit the wall when they become independent.

First of all, difference between reality and what you thought.

I think that it would be quite smart to start with a context of the whole problem. That majority of young people believes in things that never existed, or were present in times of their parents, like work waiting for everyone who graduated. People who never experienced something, usually make some schemes how could it look like and how it works, like young people imagine their future life. They believe in work waiting everywhere, opportunities which come by themselves, and their own personal greatness. Reality and independence is a solid wall waiting for them, when they step out of parent’s doors.

Money doesn’t come by itself. You have to work my friend.

Some people can’t figure out that money doesn’t fall from heaven even till their 40’s. Being used to money coming from parents makes people lazy and unprepared for future life. It makes them needy and make demand high salaries for nothing. First job quickly verificates their attitude and shows that money comes only from hard work. Few are subject to exclusion of this, and with enough luck they get suitcases of money in a short time. But those are born under a lucky star. Even those who possess tons of money from their family, have to take care of it, or it will evaporate. Getting rid of hundred million dollar account is quite easy, especially when you realize that one good villa in Hollywood is about 10-20 million dollars. Five of those and you are done.

Man has to be independent or his is not a man.

After money there comes need to take care of yourself. Some have it hardcoded in their character, some have to learn how to do it. If you don’t buy a insurance and have a accident – it’s your problem. No one is going to listen to your complaints and fancy stories. If you don’t care about your security, health, taxes or amount of gas in a car – then you have a serious problem. Staff of a hospital is not going to listen to your complaints and explanations why you didn’t buy a insurance. They simply kick you out of the building. And that’s it. Pay for the consequences.

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Either you take your part, or others will get it.

Theoretically this world is fair, equal and happy. Practically we have hungry people in Africa, poorly employed people in few regions of Asia and wars around the globe. But those are distant problems to people who live in suburbs of big cities – they have their own problems. But all those “bigger” problems have the same motive as the “smaller” ones. One wise guy said that:

If you don’t design your own life plan, chances are you’ll fall into someone else’s plan. And guess what they have planned for you? Not much.” – J. Rohn

Truth about everything we do, is that you are faster than majority of people, or you are eating leftovers. Everyone who is deeper than one inch into the business knows that. Anyone who was working in sales knows that. We all know that you have to watch your part and have a plan for your life. Drifting through the ocean is not a option.

Frankly, basing on what I see around, many people are not even prepared to be independent. They know much about numbers, chemistry and many uses of a iPhone, but they don’t know how to handle apartment bills and load a dishwasher. Majority of young people lacks ability to be really independent.