How to make other people like you

How to make other people like you. MORE

Wondering how to make other people like you and love you? Meeting people is easy. But making them really like you is not so easy, as it looks on first sight.

Make them feel that they are someone.

Major method to make people around like you and respect you is to make them feel good. Appreciate them. Show them that who they are, is a value for you. While majority of people is learning new methods to manipulate other people, and force them to smile, here you have a fundamental thing to understand: people can be tricked into smiling to you, or buying your offer, but secret of making them really like you is in making them feel good. We love those who see something in us and we love those who make us compliments. Look at Tony Robbins, guy who is a motivational speaker and a guru of millions – his books and philosophy are only a product. His real power lies in ability to make people feel better. Look at his body language, listen what he says to other people. Before he even says something, his smile and a friendly handshake makes them feel better.

Gifts are for losers. Use your brain to buy their hearts.

Never ever try to buy someone, either in form of gifts or money. This is not a way to do it. Ask every guy who isn’t successful with women what he is doing first – I bet that he is buying gifts, and in effect immediately becoming a loser in woman’s eyes. Why it would be different when it comes to everyday relations or business? People have to feel a connection with you, instead of a another gift. Only when they feel appreciated, they can have any connection with you. Trying to appreciate them with gifts before you even make a connection, will make them feel like a product which you are trying to buy.

Give them 10% more than everyone else. It’s only 10%.

In a society when everyone says thank you in 10 words, you have to say it in 11. Add only one kind word. In a society where people shake hands for 10 seconds – shake for eleven, and everyone will remember you. Instead of using another one amazing method of manipulating and annoying people, give them 10% more of kindness. Tell thank you two times more everyday. Focus on small steps in order to build a great image. Because people will love you either for a vision or for a image. Even those who give lots of money are not loved. They are only buying their audience. It’s a type of audience that abandons the speaker when money stops to flow. Look, Gandhi never gave anyone one million dollars in order to love him. Even without such gift, millions loved and still love him.

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Do you want to make other people like you?

Then never judge other people in their presence. I know a saying, that “what someone is saying about others with you, he will say about you to others”. People know that. Don’t gossip too much, or it will turn against you. It means that you can’t say ugly things about other people. It means, that you have to limit your anger when someone makes you upset. Frankly saying, you have to get rid of part of your emotions when you are in public. Limiting your opinions about others will make it easier to make other people like you and love you.