Strong Guy maybe too confident

Never be too confident, in any situation

Here, on you can find lots of content about self-confidence. I constantly pass knowledge how to live a better life and how to be more confident, but rarely I’ve mentioned problem of being too confident. Check out below what I have to tell you.

Ego, self-confidence and a good judgement.

Here, you can find my article about keeping your ego on a leash. Here, you can find my article about being self-confident. And below – you have why it’s important to never be too confident.

Self-confidence is a virtue you can be born with. Some people are born and they have it right out of the box. Others can learn how to be self-confident over time. And some will never believe in their skills. While lack of self-confidence is not a virtue – and especially for men is very harmful – also being too confident has it’s negative consequences. Why?

Too confident men tend to destroy instead of building.

What I would like to tell you is that some men instead of doing good, are doing harm with their self-confidence. They don’t want to do it. They don’t want to hurt anybody. But they do it. I see that such type of men easily falls into a trap of “it will turn out to be great” mentality. They see a bridge burning but don’t want to extinguish it – they know they have supplies to build another one. They see second bridge burning – they still know they have enough resources. Finally, because of their self-confidence, they lose big amounts of money, while a scared shy guy would run as fast as he can to end the fire. Abstract? Too many businessman don’t want to agree with the other side only because it’s a matter of honor. They can lose some money – they are confident – they know it. But they lose this money for nothing.

Overestimating your real possibilities is a danger.

Overestimating your real skills is very dangerous (don’t jump without a parachute). There is also something like overestimating your possibilities in life. I understand that confident man, who knows that he can handle everything is a treasure in business. But I also see that believing in things which will never happen is harmful. Like belief that someone wants to make business with you. No, if someone didn’t told you that, then he doesn’t want to. Don’t make too many options in your mind what you can do. Instead, coldly calculate what opportunities you really have, and focus on them. Believing in your future Bentley while you are eating cheapest bread, won’t grant you a one (unless this bread is because of financing your Bentley).

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You are not a God. And if you are, then why you are reading this?

I doubt that God would read any blog, and I doubt he even does have a notebook. God doesn’t need a education and advice, because he was first to give it. So, if you are not a god, then don’t act like one. People don’t like people who pretend too much, especially those who pretend they can achieve and do anything. You won’t beat eight men in a fight alone, even if you are Rocky. You won’t build a corporation only with two employees. Look with clear eyes at things which surround you. Don’t look for a elephant in your dog, and don’t look for a pharaoh in yourself, if you are in love with you couch.