Have some fun, do something new today.

How long you’ve been living without fun? One day, maybe two years? Yesterday I’ve wrote about chilling out. Today I’ll show you why it’s important to do new things everyday.

Few years ago I’ve found a new rule. Now, I can tell you many stories.

Few years ago – like five or six – I’ve been into self development, improvement and other sports, looking for inspiration and new adventures. Accidentally, I’ve found a article by a quite intelligent guy, who wrote that’s very important to something new everyday. I decided to try it, and now – after few years – I have tons of stories to tell. I’ve started with small things like use stairs instead of an elevator, and ended up with a helicopter flight. This constant pursuit of adventure, and need to do new things everyday pushed me to do things I would normally skip, omit or never try. Finally, I’ve met amazing people only because I’ve forced myself to meet someone new, I’ve tried Thai food and felt in love with it, and learned how to fix car brakes. Only because I’ve been looking for something new everyday, I’ve tried those things. Without it, I would sit on my couch and do nothing.

As usual, what does it have to do with your life?

If you’ve followed my previous articles, you know that I always connect things I write about, with life matters. This time it won’t be different. You should already know that life is not meant to be survived, but lived and enjoyed (I wrote about it here). It means that without constant pursuit of new experiences and doing something new, your tomorrow will look exactly like yesterday. I know that work and money is important part of life, but you can’t sacrifice your private life only to buy a Bentley. You have to have few stories to tell your grandchildren when you get old.

Instead of spending another day in front of your TV, maybe it’s time to explore something new and take your woman to the park. Maybe it’s this moment when you have to change your job, or buy a new car. Finally, maybe right after reading this you will go running?

Somewhere we’ve lost our curiosity. But life is about curiosity.

What won’t probably surprise you, I’ve written about curiosity here. I believe that good life is about being curious, about doing something new everyday. That only when your next day is different from the previous one – only then you can be happy. I can’t believe that doing the same everyday can be any source of happiness, and that people who sit on a couch can be happy. I understand that couch is your friend after a hard party, but I can’t stand people who have nothing to offer in a conversation. Curiosity and many experiences provide connections. And connections = money. Have you seen a fresh millionaire who sat down on his butt and did nothing for few years? They throw parties. They rent yachts. They waste money on right and left, but definitely – they try things they didn’t have before. They have fun, they enjoy their life.

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How doing the same can give you different effect?

Someone said that doing the same all the time, and waiting for a different effect is either madness or business. Probably it was Henry Ford. Unless you are doing business and selling vacuum cleaners from door to door, how could you do the same everyday and suppose that something different will happen? How can you dare to do so? And even if you are not from those people – many people live this way. They are obese, poor or alone and they wait. Wait. And wait. And suddenly nothing happens, because they didn’t do anything different. What I would like to ask you, is maybe to do at least one new thing every day? Just try it.