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Chill out man, it’s your precious life

After working for a whole day, I’m writing this article and wondering, do everyone is able to chill out. Does it is so obvious, that we don’t care about it, or relax is getting less and less popular.

How long you are able to stay without work?

I mean, how long you can stay unemployed sitting on your ass and wondering about life? Do thinking about being lazy is chilling out or it’s mental work? Same thing the other way – how long you rest without work? I’m asking you, because not everyone is able to chill out.

Big part of our society cannot survive one week without checking their mailbox. They behave like they cannot disconnect from their company network and have to check it constantly like in Matrix. What’s interesting, the more ambitious the people are, the bigger is the risk of sacrificing their free time to work.

Could you sit down and relax?

I know few people who can’t sit still in one place for a while. They have to work, work or do some work. I think their problem is that they don’t have enough time to relax and take their time. I mean, it’s very important for you to have a while during your day, to sit down and think about your life. Otherwise you can lose big part of it.

I would also like to tell you that constant pursuit of your dreams, and billions shouldn’t consume all of your time. That sitting in a Bentley and working for 16 hours a day probably won’t be fun for you, and it’s really more enjoyable to have only five thousand in a pocket, but to be free.

Don’t give a damn about things about you don’t care.

I wrote about not giving a damn here. It’s a major skill in life to not give a damn about things which mean a little, what in fact makes you able to chill out. I saw many people on a beach in Miami who physically were in Miami, but mentally at a office in Denver. They were going to have their holiday, but they were not going to chill out in any manner.

Also, I’ve wrote about relaxing here. Life is not only about work, money, big house and a pretty girl. What’s required to enjoy those is time to chill out and actually enjoy it. What’s the point of having a Ferrari without a driving license?

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Other people’s problems doesn’t matter when you chill out.

I will tell you one thing: either you respect yourself, or no one respects you. When you are taking your time, you are a free man. Unless something is on fire – you shouldn’t care about their problems. People are always going to send you their problems on messenger, but only you are decisive enough to take care of it. If you are not going to let them wait, when you chill out, then no one is going to take you serious when you want a break. Your life is meant to be used by you. If you are sacrificing your free time for other people’s little problems, then you are give them your life for free. It can seem brutal or dishonest, but either you are regenerating in peace, or giving away your precious life.