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If I had more time, I would have written a shorter letter. Emotions

Unfortunately, I don’t have so much time to write shorter articles, so I write longer ones instead. Some people are masters of using random words to make quite meaningful sentences. Only by use of emotions.

What is the point of the title?

No point. It’s a quote by French author Blaise Pascal. Guy who is often quoted by marketing specialists. Why do they quote him? One of interesting things in marketing, is that not the message shapes your sales, but how you deliver it. What does it have to do with you?

Quite much. I mean, today I want to tell you something about art of speaking and composing sentences, to win hearts of people around.

Often it doesn’t matter what you say, but how you say it.

Frankly, some people can read yellow book in such manner that you will fall in love with it. Look, politics constantly discuss same topics and still win trust of people. People from one party usually have the same views. But how it works that only few become presidents? Why they all speak about the same, but only few win society’s approval?

Because it doesn’t matter what are your beliefs, what you know, and who you know if you can’t compose an interesting sentence. What matters is your flow when you speak, what matters is also ability to form a message using simple words. That’s also why professors are hard to understand for normal people – they say simple things in complicated manner.

If you want to buy publicity’s approval, operate on emotions.

Not knowledge. In a society where everyone has access to the internet and except work is looking for pleasure mixed with joy – they don’t care about your knowledge. They like funny memes. They look for entertainment. For you as for a guy or woman who wants to attract thousands of people – you have to attract them emotionally. You have to “sell” the emotions instead of information. This is what majority of YouTubers is doing. This is what majority of artist is doing. Their lyrics are meaningless in terms of message. But form in which they give it to you – is the key.

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Message is going to be less and less important.

What’s important is that what you are going to write, say and sell is becoming less valuable, than how you do it. In times where everything is accessible to everyone – value of a another one same speaking guy is falling. Almost everything you know can be found in the internet. Almost everything you can sell is on eBay, so how could you compete with them by doing the same? It’s important to be somehow original and innovative.

Because today you cannot be an another guy selling same things. There is plenty of people who are trying to be next Edison, or they try to reinvent the wheel. Unless you are doing it in original an inspiring manner – chances are close to zero that you will succeed.