too many is a problem

You were sitting, watching trouble, now you have a problem

The best thing in sitting and watching trouble coming to you is seeing wave of problems hitting you in a near future. I’ve posted a picture about it here. When you don’t take care about your matters quite fast, then scale of the future problem is growing quick.

Take on your chest only what you can handle.

Never ever step into things you know you can’t complete, nor never do things you’ve said you will never do again. Care about your abilities and mind them while making decisions. As I wrote here, people who tend to say one thing and do another, are not loved in the society.

Problem with taking too much on your chest is that at some point, instead of doing you sit on a couch and wonder what you’ve done wrong. This is the moment when action is the most needed, instead of sitting on your ass.

Unsolved topics are subject to grow big. Fast.

What’s quite interesting, and was a shock to me when I discovered it, things you put aside are much more difficult to solve when you return to them in the future. What’s ever more interesting, is that unsolved topics about money grow even bigger. And usually fall on you when you need it the least. It means: relations with people, tasks at work, undone laundry. There was even one guy called Murphy, who discovered a rule that if something can go wrong – surely it will. It means that putting difficult topics aside will hit you in the least preferred time. Then, you have to listen to our friends who complain that they failed something, while they could solve it half a year ago. Best example: debts.

Now you are wondering where is your money.

I don’t say exactly about you – maybe – someone one meter from you. Or maybe it’s really you. But what’s important: your assets of money are not unlimited. It applies to a restaurant employee as much as to millionaire – only digits differ. Some people, at some point realize that they have absolutely no money left. Why?

Buying stuff on credit, running across whole shop, making your cart full and too much bills can kill every budget – it’s only a matter of time. But what’s more important, is the moment when the money actually ends. One of good practices about your budget is to check sometimes how much you have left, so you can predict if the end is near. And also – not wake up some day with no money left.

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Don’t be shocked when small trouble cumulates to a one big problem.

When you realize that it happened, you have to get rid of it fast. Don’t sit on the couch wondering does it solve by itself, but stand up and do what you have to do. Generally, don’t be shocked that you have a problem.

What I’ve learned recently, is that small actions can get you far from majority of problems in your life.