make connections

Make connections and know more

At some point in life you stop to listen to people around, and instead of looking for new teachers, you learn how to learn by yourself. It’s very important to have your own mind and a ability to learn by yourself, and to make connections.

Instead of learning from scratch, listen to few people and use best one’s experience.

There is absolutely no point in doing something from scratch, if you can learn from other people. Instead of making your own mistakes to learn basic things, ask few people around how to do it, and do it. Instead of wasting your own time to learn how to make a good photo on Instagram, ask a popular guy how to do it.

Also, instead of trying to kill yourself on a ski slope – pay few buck instructor to show you. There is one life value which is as positive, as harmful – to do everything yourself. Of course, doing everything yourself will save you from other people’s mistakes, but there is absolutely no point in doing ant’s work to get basic things done.

Hang out with those who know more than you.

One of the most enjoyable and easy methods to be a better man and know more, is to hang out will better than you. It forces human beings to subconsciously pursuit abilities their team has. In other words, it makes you better, even if you don’t care about it – you have to pull up to their standard or you are going to be kicked out of the group.

What I often see, is a wise guy walking around the city with few idiots. I know that people who are less talented than you will usually praise your skills and care about your ego, but such people first: bring you and your mind down, because they have absolutely nothing to offer. Second: you look in other people’s eyes the same as them. It’s not a matter of caring about other people opinion or no, but when people look at you like on an idiot – it is really harder to go through life.

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Make connections between facts and experiences.

What you’ve learned at school is one thing, second is to see the connection between what they’ve told you, and what you do everyday. I love those people who don’t learn when they fall, and try another time with the same method. It’s not an determination, it’s a stupidity. If you cannot make connections between information and your experiences, then you are going to fail in every work and business. Basically, if you cannot use your experiences from the past to predict the future, basing on current information, then you cannot play on stock market, make takeover decisions, be a racing driver, nor meteorologist. Basic thing, but very important to keep in mind.

As written on the top, learn from other peoples mistakes.

It’s quite impressive to have many stories to tell when you are old, but there is nothing impressive in falling right after watching someone fall. Abstract example? We all know that debt is bad, do we? We all also know that buying for more money than you make will run you bankrupt. We know it. But why then people are making jokes about those who took fifteen credits on TV, new fridge and a car, an one year later run bankrupt because of debts? First guy who run bankrupt was a pioneer in debt. But everyone who was next didn’t do anything new. He repeated first guy’s mistake.

What is the wisdom? When you see someone falling, maybe check if you are not going to do the same next second.