Three reasons why you can’t succeed

There is way too many content about methods to succeed, compared to content about why you actually can’t do it. Reading something focused on a failure is still a education.

Reason one – you are lazy.

Most obvious and most brutal one – you are lazy. If you are wondering why you cannot succeed, then it tells us two things:

  • You did not achieved success,
  • You have way too much time to think.

What is quite interesting, is that because of the second – you’ve failed to do first. I won’t tell you that – you have to do it yourself – if you have too much time to sit on your ass, then you are lazy. People who are doing anything in direction of their goals and dreams, don’t have time to wonder why they still don’t have a Bentley. They are too busy doing things they have to do.

I wrote about this here and here.

Reason number two – you believe in things which doesn’t exist.

It’s not very healthy to believe that you are superhero when you can’t fly. Same applies, when you imagine yourself to be the best businessman, but you can’t handle a single customer. There is a great difference between what we see and what really is around us. One of the most important things is life is to remember to keep you ego on a leash. Why? Because living in your own world is good as long as it is when you sleep. Feeling like a billionaire when you can’t afford new shoes is at least harmful to your mind’s health. Here you have few words about it.

It’s very important for you to realize the difference between what you think, and who you really are in a society.

Reason number three – you speak more than you do.

It’s easy to shock the world with a fake news, but when people realize the truth – you are done. Speaking about ability to succeed more than doing, has the same effect. Even if you don’t want to believe it. Making empty promises makes you a no one in a society. People around are going to believe you that you will do something, but if you only make promises and sit on your ass, then you will lose any value.

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Those who succeed, don’t give a damn about it.

What’s important, and what many wise people know, is that those who achieved much don’t speak much about it. Not because they are shy, not because they are gentleman. They don’t give a damn about telling everyone around about their success. Do you know why? Because everyone can see that. Because there is absolutely no point in telling everyone what you’ve done, if they can check it in Google. I bet that Bill Gates doesn’t give a damn about making a additional million dollars. You can dream about it everyday, but for him – it’s not something unusual. Here you can check what does it mean to not give a damn.

Finally, I would like to tell you that anything you do, let it be something in what you believe. Let it be something what brings you satisfaction and joy. Don’t do things only to kill your time, because killing your time is like killing your inner self.