child smile

Part of a child stays, even when you grow up

Does it work this way, that child part of you personality is gone forever when you turn 18? Do we really change so much, or maybe we’ve just learned few things? Check out below.

It doesn’t work this way that you think different. You only know more.

What always fascinated me as a child, was do old people think really different, do we see much more, do we make decisions the other way. Over time I’ve learned that you don’t change, you only get old. Now, I see that we are muting big part of our inner self in order to function in a society. I see that we have a mask, which on the outside limits our egoistic needs.

What I have also figured out is that we learn. A lot. You have a whole set of patterns in your mind telling you how to behave in certain situations. That you have to let your lady first through the door. That you shouldn’t shout in a supermarket.

Have some fun like a child, it’s healthy.

Childish part of you, it’s still inside you. This part it’s a need to have fun. Many of people underestimate importance of going out and relaxing, while they make their money. They tend to think that work and a well polished car is much more important. Then we see such sad people driving good cars, who don’t know how to smile. I don’t get what is the sense of having a convertible, if you can’t have fun in it. Did you ever wonder how it is to drive a convertible being sad? This car could feel ashamed.

What majority of people is doing when they get older, is creating a belief that they have to be serious. That they need to work, have children and clean their house. That now they are grown up and have to be responsible. I call bullshit. Responsibility is not wandering around with a sad, dull face, but it’s taking care of your fridge. It’s helping people around when they need it. It’s caring about your family – this is responsibility. Being responsible doesn’t mean that you cannot jump with a parachute, and if someone says different – buy him a dictionary. Let this guy learn something about true life.

Man develops only to age of six, then only gets bigger.

You’ll have to have some self confidence to admit it, but we don’t change much. We, men, who were playing with small cars, now we call it racing. We were playing monopoly, now we call it business. From general point of view – nothing changed, only scale got bigger.

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Finally, something what I hope you didn’t lose – curiosity.

One of most beautiful things in life is curiosity, to be curious what is happening around you. Why engine in a car is spinning, why people cry when they cut a onion. It’s something what was prior to any education, something what shaped what you know today – except mathematics. Curiosity is very easy to lose when you care more about new car than about yourself. I get that new toy is important, but dying of stress about scratching it – is a mania.

Curiosity is something what you lose when you don’t have time, when you run around too much. Generally, it’s something what goes away when you stop to live your life. Look at those tired people in downtown who are working only to pay their credits. They don’t have time to be happy. They don’t have time to have fun. Now they say that they are making money. I say that they are losing big part of their life doing shit they hate.