What do colors tell me about you

You thought that anything you will wear won’t have any deeper meaning? In fact, colors you prefer, you wear and you choose tell much about your personality. Any doubt? Advertisement specialists know it already.

There is a table with majority of colors described.

Yes, there is a universal tool to tell you what every color means. Many people are using it everyday. More importantly, it can help you much to deal with other people. For example, you will realize not to wear red while confronting other people. Especially because red is a color of aggression and contains lots of energy in it. Here you have a link:

Read it and use it. Think about your wardrobe and what does it represent. Does it mean that you are a professional? Maybe it shows that you have lots of energy? Use those information to make your image look even better than before.

Try to be serious in yellow pants.

I understand that many people believe that they can wear anything they want. But I also believe that every situation has its own requirements, do’s and don’ts, especially when it comes to business. Who can take seriously a guy who is coming to the negotiating table in yellow pants? I don’t know, maybe you do, but one guy wanted to negotiate a contract with us dressed such way. Try to look at him seriously.

Brand – important thing – requires adequate colors. Colors of logo, website and product cannot be an effect of accident. Look at Facebook – it’s whole in blue, not in red. Only because red is too emotional, and it’s not suitable to such field of business. Imagine a website where everything is black or gray. It’s so boring. It’s so hard to read.

Amount of light steers the mood.

Open Facebook or Google, find few photos of your friends. Look at those with more light and compare them to the darker ones. Honestly, I can show you a bright photo of a simple table and you will say that people are more happy on this image, than on a very dark amusements park photo. Case is, that not only colors dictate the mood, but main factor is light. What does it have to do with your life?

Amount of light and brightness of colors that surround you, affect directly your – and other people’s – mood. It means that if you have a office with dark brown walls, gray floor and barely working light, it means that even the best Mac computer won’t make your employees happy. This is also why people in startups are so happy, even if they don’t get any money. They have small room and sit next to the window. It makes them feel the light and feel better.

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Colors of the room make size of it.

Doesn’t matter how logically or not it sounds to you – colors you use to decorate rooms make them smaller or bigger. Simply saying, rule is simple: white walls and bright floor make the room look big. Black walls and black floor make the room look small – even smaller than a shoe box. Difference is dramatic between white and black walls (I hope majority of you has white), like two times. You can psychologically make 40 square meters from a 30 square meters apartment only by repainting walls. It’s about ten meters for free.