Have you heard about a thing called cohesion?

Cohesion, by definition keeping all things somehow connected, in some sort of order. Have you heard about it? Do you mind it when you do your job?

You don’t realize how strongly people look for cohesion.

Subconsciously we tend to look for symmetry in almost everything we see. In people’s faces, in your kitchen, in a car. Our eyes like symmetry, so people who are beautiful are symmetric. Doesn’t believe me? Ask scientists, or Google. It matters when I prepare articles for you. It matters when you arrange your cupboard in the kitchen. But more importantly, it matters when you are preparing something for your boss or a business partner. It’s interesting or engaging in your house, but it’s really important in reports. Poorly prepared service or report for a company will be rejected. Even if you’ve put best data in your report but conclusion was about three different fields, in one sentence – no one will understand it. Or maybe the other way, they will get it, but won’t admire your work.

Services have to be connected between themselves.

I wonder if you know the most annoying type of product. Imagine website, an Facebook fan page and a Instagram account. Imagine that what is on the webpage is not available on fan page, and Instagram doesn’t have any connection to those both. In few words – it’s absolute mess. People don’t like when everything is thrown around whole internet. They want information now and in one place.

Make a smartphone and a portable speaker with different chargers and a special cable to connect them. No one is going to buy it, no one is going to wander around with three cables. When you make a second, third or fourth product, then make it compliant with the first one. Make it easy to integrate.

It was one of the reasons why Apple became so big. Their products have awesome synchronization between themselves. Their cohesion is great.

Company has to be cohesive.

You can build a team consisting of twenty random people. You can. However, the question is: how long it will last? How long can absolutely different people cooperate with each other? That is a great question which I would send to every human resources guy and woman, who are responsible for choice of future employees. Skills are important, image is important, but what defines their adequacy to the company, is how they get along with others. Putting wise, but strange guy in a good team will kill this team. Not everyone realizes that being intelligent is not everything, and getting along with others is important. That big companies prefer less talented people who are friendly, than geniuses who annoy others.

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Design has to be cohesive.

Want to fail an architects school? Make every room in different color with different floor. Guaranteed.

Want to fail an advertising course? Make an ad with six different fonts – it’s almost impossible to read.

Companies are one thing, services second. But design is something where crappy work is visible immediately, where fail to make it one piece disqualifies it right now. Plain example is when guys from Asia make an totally plastic smartphone, and put chromed frame around the screen. Guys, be serious.

And you? What has to be cohesive the most for you?