hardest thing is to start something

Hardest thing is to start something

Try to start writing your graduation work: it’s easy when you are thinking about it. It’s easy when you are sleeping. But when you face it one day, then you have a problem. Read below what does it mean to start something.

First was plan, then action. Theoretically.

Theoretically I was supposed to write a plan, collect few books to do it, and actually, do it. Start was very easy – it took me like one week – while it should be one minute. Some things in life cannot be easily passed, usually the most simple one. Everyone who was or is a student, knows pain of opening a book. It’s really easy to check news, go out and wash your car when you have to learn. Only then you realize that your life is not so tough when exam is in few days. And even if I’m getting older and older, I feel this every time I hear word “exam”.

Theoretically start should be very easy, starting your own plan shouldn’t be complicated. Theoretically.

Three, two, one, no.

Maybe I’m getting lazy, maybe I don’t care. But definitely I have to force myself to do many things. One day I was on a motivational seminar, where a guy said that success people also have to overcome laziness. That they also don’t have will to do many things. Difference between them and losers is that they actually do it. Maybe it’s true. It would mean that I’m a winner, only because I constantly do what I have to do.

Even if it doesn’t look this way, everyone is forcing themselves to push forward. Personally, I have a impetus, so I don’t care. I just do. What is quite important is that you can’t stop pushing. Stopping to push means starting from the bottom again.

I will start tomorrow. No, you won’t.

You really won’t start it. Problem with starting anything tomorrow is the date you’ve set. If you want to quit smoking, then throw away pack of cigarettes now. Lighter also. Don’t wait until tomorrow, don’t wait until New Year’s Eve. One thing are false promises, second is junkyard of promises in your mind.

I would really like to believe all those people who say they will start working out in new year. I would really like to. But as long they are waiting until “something” changes in their life, as long they won’t change it. Because tomorrow is going to be as much as today, as it was yesterday. Sun will shine, people around will walk. Nothing will dramatically change. You will be the same you, your car will have same color. Your dogs name won’t change. Simply saying; if you don’t change something now, then you won’t do it in the future.

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Finally, I did it.

I’ve opened Word. I wrote part of graduation work. And do you know why? Not because I wished to do it. Not because meteorite hit my computer. I did it only because I’ve clicked those buttons on the keyboard. I did it because it were my own fingers. Not some sort of illusory power helping me in my life. I was not waiting to start it. I simply did it.

If you’ve driven manual transmission you know that beginning is hard. You have to kill the engine few times to learn how to do it. You have to overcome the beginning.