Content made only for it’s own sake, silver-tongued guys

Art made for it’s own sake, articles written only for the author. Content which is practically useless but still someone wanted to make it. What’s the point of such content? I’m wondering what authors have in mind when they make crappy things and spread it all over internet.

I’ve been just browsing Facebook.

I’ve been just browsing Facebook. I just wanted to waste some time. And what I saw? Ton of friends photos – never mind. But what fascinates me is content made only as a wish, as a dream to be popular someday, and to impress other people. You look at it and you don’t know what to think about it; to cry or to laugh. I see many many people, either in social media and in life who are doing things half-heartedly. They feel the need to do it, but they are aware what other people will say. It looks like a semi-squat on a gym; guy is doing half of the movement, and then he stops, because someone looked at him. He feels afraid.

Who watches all those things. Who cares?

How many famous singers do you know? 30? 40? Maybe one hundred? But did you ever wondered how many singing people there are on YouTube? How many people want and wanted to by famous by singing to the camera?

I don’t know. But maybe someone counted it.

All this propaganda content.

Personally, I have a own name for content about politics, religion and similar, from authors who want much, but they did nothing. It’s a propaganda. This is content fabricated solely for them, by them. To understand the point of it, you need to set yourself to certain frequency and try to guess what author wanted to say. All those complicated metaphors, all this effort. Fuck. Man, if you wanted to say something wise, then do it in two sentences. Everything what has any sense can be fitted into those two.

All those people who share they super correct pictures on Facebook, all those people who want to upgrade the world by talking. Guys, wake up. Find an audience.

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There is a small difference between having a reach and having an audience.

I love those Facebook Ad statistics. If you are working with those, you can easily make few conclusions about our society. First is that big reach doesn’t guarantee any success. I was taught in college that reach is equal to big sales and success. It’s bullshit; when I was living in USA there was a big shop Kmart and a Giant supermarket in front of it. They were same size and Kmart was simply empty. Why? Because Giant had popularity, people liked it. And Kmart, which was in the same place was empty, even with a Highway next to it.

This is one of the things I saw in recent months, around people from blog industry. They say that you need to be everywhere. They say that you have to spam everyone around with your content, in order to be successful. I see that too many people are trying this tactic. I see that people are not so dumb to read crap. That they need something beyond another one copy of what they saw five minutes ago.