can you make money without any effort

Can you make money without any effort?

No. Or maybe yes? Is it possible to make money so smooth like you put butter on your sandwich? Or maybe it’s constant fight and effort to make every penny? Answer below.

Learn what money means for people, then you can make it.

First of all, it’s very important to realize that money is a payment for effort of other people. In fact, it’s a piece of paper, but a emotional one. People won’t be so eager to give you their money for nothing, because it would mean they don’t respect their own time and effort. It means that things you sell, have to deliver value. Those things have to be worthy for them to pay.

When society sees your products/ideas as useless, then they won’t buy it. They simply won’t do it. It’s hard when you’ve made something and no one wants it. But unless it’s a hobby, you have to get rid of it. Because business which doesn’t have any customers it’s not a business. It’s a hobby.

There are three types of work: hard, intellectual and a pleasurable one.

Hard work is everything you do with your own hands; building, moving sofas, fixing pipes. It’s the hardest work available and usually it brings lowest profit. Then you have intellectual work, which can be accounting, planning or customer relations. Those are much more pleasurable than the physical work, but still tiring. The most preferred and least available one is pleasurable work; it’s usually possession of stocks and real estate. It’s main advantage is lack of almost any action to get money. Money virtually comes to you.

Now, everyone would like money to come to him, but this money has to come from somewhere. This is why we all can’t be kings and have money for nothing. Majority of people will never even touch such sources of income, because:

a) they don’t know or believe that it’s possible,

b) they don’t have enough resources and connections to do it.

More money is not coming from more work. It comes from wise work.

If one is working in factory 10 hours a day, and makes 100$ – he could work 18 hours a day and make 180$. But it’s his upper limit. At some point you have to learn how to make same things in less time. Ways are three:

a) do only what is really really required,

b) make someone do it for you,

c) buy a system which will do it for you.

First one is called laziness. Second one is called exploitation of other people. Third one is called intelligence. All composed are called traits of a manager.

You can dig a hole many ways; manually, with a digger, by hiring someone. Only a digger will do it with three moves. You need such diggers to make more money.


Less effort means more money.

When you can do work in people do in one hour, in five minutes, then you are worthy 12 people. This is how you make more money. Not because you’ve worked longer. But because you’ve worked better. And if anyone dares to tell you that working more will make you rich, choose closest door and run away. Because real money is in wise work, not hard one.