Healthy lifestyle, sport and your image

I’m not going to convince you that what you eat affects how you look, everyone knows that. I would like to show you what is the correlation between a healthy lifestyle and your image.

Healthy lifestyle is something beyond running and eating protein bars.

I think that too many people perceive healthy lifestyle as a half an hour run per day and a protein bar. That they think it’s base are fitness labeled products in a supermarket. That eating fit cereal will make them beautiful. Of course, it’s an great way to enjoy marketing of cereal companies, but it won’t make you look good and fit.

The point is that health is directly associated with your lifestyle. That sitting for a whole day cannot be saved by 30 minutes of running in the evening.

We see how you treat your body.

People eat tons of crap, sit for months and think that plastic surgery can save them. Yes it can, but the price are scars and tons of money. It’s really really much easier to take care of yourself than to make measurements with a surgeon. And we, people will also see the difference. Actually, you can fool yourself that those fit bars are making you look good, but we see the final effect.

What you eat affects how you feel. How you feel shapes your behavior. Quite easy, isn’t it? Not for everyone. People who are overstressed take pills to chill out, while they should remove stress from their life. Fat people take pills to lose weight, but they eat breakfast at McDonald’s. Smokers take pills for lungs, while they’ve just finished another package of cigarettes. They try to eliminate the consequences, instead of getting rid of the cause.

Tasks are first. Body is first.

We spend our health and time to make money. Then, we spend money to regain our health, but we don’t have time. I can understand one thing in life: that you have to push yourself hard to achieve something. But I cannot understand constant pressure on your body to achieve everyday goals. I can’t understand throwing anything into your mouth only to stay full, I can’t understand sleeping for three hours. It’s absolutely normal to do it for a short period of life, but not for a whole. That’s why you ought to treat your organism with respect as a first thing on the list. Sacrificing your own health in order to make 500$ dollars is at least a bad idea, even when you are the biggest egoist on earth. Even if you have nothing to lose, you still have your health to lose.


Healthy lifestyle means health on every step.

You choose gym instead of drinking. You eat chicken instead of pizza. Actually, you can make healthy choices from beginning of your day, and I’m not talking about veggie mania or eating only yoghurt. I mean healthy lifestyle for a big, tough guy who is the emperor of his life.

I mean buying fitness cereal is as much healthy as a diet Coke.