Externalize yourself, don’t be a muted being

I’ve a need to externalize myself, that constantly something demands action from me. That I feel constant need of achieving something, need of talking with someone. And it doesn’t want to stop.

Externalize yourself, aka your way to originality.

Few years ago I would think that having crazy ideas and thinking too much is something bad. That something is wrong and I have to get rid of it. Now I see that it’s not an problem, I see that it’s a constant flow of new ideas and solutions. That it’s something many people would like to have, but they can’t.

Over time, I realized that muting your inner you will someday end up with an explosion and it will come out in whole glory. That pretending to be as much average as others will have its revenge on you.

Are you ready to be yourself?

At some point in your life you have to decide if you are living your life or someone else’s. You either externalize yourself, or accept your poor future. By poor future I mean work where you have to pretend to be something else; maybe a mule, home where you have to pretend that you are an ATM; or finally your own life where you have to pretend to be someone else. There is absolutely no point in living in peace with people who treat your inner you like sh*t, and there is absolutely no point in caring about their views.

Also, if you don’t like people – there is no point in working as a sales guy. Why you would look at them everyday then? Only for money?

Showing your real you = authenticity.

Ability to externalize yourself is like two levels above any achievement. I don’t care if you are driving a Porsche or Maserati, living in a villa or have a helicopter if you can’t express yourself. When I (and other people also) smell such guy, he is done. You cannot buy yourself a authenticity, and you even can’t win it in a lottery. Truth is that I perceive homeless guy more valuable, than a guy pretending to be a good man, while his main business is exploiting people. Because it’s not hard to smell if you are really you, or you are suffocating yourself only not to externalize the truth.


Say what you really think.

I also believe that when you see something good you have to appreciate it. That when you see crap then you call it crap. Not the other way around that crap is “not positive phenomenon” – crap is crap. It has its name for a reason. I see it’s very very popular in bigger companies where you have to pretend that you are an elephant to stay alive. I see it as an open negation of the world surrounding us. That you see something, but you call it something’s else name. That you see Tom and you call him Joe. What is the point of this?

If people are meant to live in peace, they will handle it. If they are meant to coexist in life, they will. Forcing yourself to be something what you are not is an open negation of your originality as a human.