Do having many friends will make you happy?

Making new friends is not a very complicated process, especially in a big city. But do lots of them give happiness? Or maybe there is a difference between Friend and a friend?

Lots of connections grant possibilities.

First of all, and also the most obvious one is that connections mean possibilities. The more people you know, the more you can. Knowing everyone around grants you discounts and better treating. Even, if it’s informal kindness. Such friends are more willing to find you a suitable hours of delivery, than an unknown guy. It makes your life easier and more pleasurable.

Business guys know it best, what does it mean to have powerful social resources. In this sport you either know someone, or you are out. Truth is that business is not only about intelligence and money; one of the most important parts are connections.

There is a difference between real friends, and semi-friends.

But, there is an difference between people you know all around, and people on whom you can really rely. While people in grocery store are very kind to you, they like you and help you with your packaging problems, then they are not those who really care about you. They of course do, but to a point where it’s still comfortable for them. To a point, where it’s still being kind, not being an angel.

You can’t have pretensions to those people, because they are not your real friends: they don’t know your story, they don’t know you. In Polish, we have a special word for people who are known to you, but are not your real friends. Unfortunately, English throws everyone to one bag, and makes friends of them.

I love everyone around, but I trust only few.

Fact that those people are semi-friends has also its consequences. I treat them kindly, I smile to them, I help them. But, I don’t trust them. Not because I hate people; I don’t trust them because I don’t really know them. Personally, I know many people. Not to impress. I simply know them. I know this smiling lady from a grocery store. I like this guy who is working in a tools shop. But I don’t charge them with my problems. I don’t throw crap I have to do on them, I don’t demand attention from them. This makes me a fair guy, and they also like me because of this.

After few years of working, doing something, selling – you will know many many people. At some point every new connection, is just a connection. When we were children, every newly met person made us happy. Nowadays – in working environment – it’s just another day at work.


But where is the conclusion? Do those friends make you happy?

Yes they do. Having someone who will say hello in the morning is awesome. You step into a shop, and they really smile. You visit your gym, and they say good morning. You know, having such a great amount of connections makes you feel comfortable, and in effect feeling better. Additionally, even if you are feeling bad, those smiles will make you feel better.