Are you rich enough to buy cheap things?

Buying bottom shelf goods is pleasurable, but are you rich enough to afford them? Do they are really cheap in the final outcome? Or maybe the final cost is much higher?

Most obvious one: cars.

There is a problem with cheap cars in a bargain price: they actually will cost you much more than well maintained car. Cheaper one looks cheap only at the beginning. When you have to repair the engine, replace transmission and buy a better set of tires, then you pay more than for a well maintained one. Why? Because cheap car is 20 thousand, engine costs additional 7, and you also have to pay for the transmission. At the end, you can find that you’ve paid three times the nominal value for something you could have for few thousands more.

Because buying too cheap car is not for poor people. You have to have money to afford future massive repairs. Otherwise, it will kill your finances.

Cheap clothes doesn’t represent any quality.

Anyone who says that there is not difference between shirt for 10$ and for 70$, either didn’t saw the 70 dollar one or is living in his own, imagined world. Good clothes have to cost you money, and even if the cheap ones look the same – you will see the difference after few cycles, in the washing machine. Cheap clothing lasts two, maybe three cycles. Then, you can use it only to clean your floor.

Again, in the final outcome you have to pay more to have the same effect. Because one good shirt will last two years, while crappy one – one month. How many cheap ones you have to buy then?

Electronics: buy one good, instead of mere ten ones.

In electronics store you have a simple choice: to buy a good notebook which will last five years, or to buy bottom shelf which will last one year. While the better one is 1000$ and the cheapest is for 300$, you will pay 1500$ in total, to have a computer for those five years.

Combine all your expenses and you will see, that buying cheap stuff is actually not so cheap. However, consumer goods, cars and clothes are only accessories in life. There is one, much more important thing:


Your health. Watch what you eat.

Crappy car can cost you few thousands to fix, but poor health will cost you everything. Having health problems is not a laggy computer, you can’t replace it. If you eat fast-food sh*t for majority of your life, then losing half of your weight won’t be a matter of one week. Your heart will probably never come back to a proper state, and whole organism is weakened. Poor food is not only problem with your image and round face. It’s mainly problem with your health.

Health is something what should be a priority for you. You can drive a crappy car, have a laggy phone, but you never ever should behave cheap about your food and body. It’s one of those things, which you cannot replace for money.