life investments

Life investments without any return

What you can do with your money? Invest it in stocks, buy real estate. No, it’s boring. You can put your money in things which doesn’t give you any profit. It’s called life investments without any return.

Useless, materialistic things. Buy them all.

Generally saying, majority of stuff you can buy, it’s nothing more than a cash consuming object. While it’s not a problem with a price of two dollars, then putting all your money into new car is a problem. Why? In life you can choose three ways:

  • throw your money around and be poor,
  • buy liabilities and be merely rich,
  • or buy assets which make money.

I believe than you should place assets before liabilities and definitely before partying. Because assets should finance your social fun – not your main source of income.

Women. Buy her half of a shopping center.

Learned by the experience of my close friend, I see that men tend to pay for something they won’t get. Like fund everything to yesterday’s met woman. Fund her a foreign trip, pay for a top notch dinner. You know, it’s very pleasurable to buy your woman a trip abroad, but, when she is your girl. Not a girl who’s name you barely remember. Beside high price you pay, women perceive such guys as walking wallet. Wallet isn’t a good piece of a man.

Weak man who somehow have money believe, that buying women many gifts will buy their way into woman’s heart. In the final result they find their credit card ruined, while lying alone in the bed.

Two cars and a 100″ TV. Healthy credit.

Do you know how much you can buy, if you don’t have nothing now? Quite much, thanks to banks. While I was living in United States, I saw that many, many people are living life they don’t own. They have two cars, big house and a enormous TV, while they barely make ends meet. That they transfer whole income for the debts, and for what is left, they buy food. It’s not a life, it’s a semi-life. What is the point of paying your all cash for things which in ten years will be crap? What is the today’s value of a CRT TV today? What will be the value of today’s best LED 100″ TV in 20 years? One hundred dollars?


I own much, but nothing is mine. Life investments without any return.

You have everything, but you don’t have nothing. You have a house, but it belongs to the bank. They make money on you. You have a car, but it belongs to the leasing company. They make money on you. You have furniture, but it belongs to financing company. They also make money on you. You simply invest in things which doesn’t bring you any profit. You know, you can buy two smaller apartments for the price of a big one and rent it. It’s called business. Small one, but still a business.

The point is that your assets have to finance your materialistic whims, otherwise you will invest for a whole life in nothing. And at a age of 80, you will wonder where all your money went. That you’ve been paying car financing only to have a old crap in your garage, while neighbor has a Bentley. Because 40 years ago he took credit for real life investments, not for an another LED TV.