20% of work makes 80% of the effect

Economy guys know it. Wisest of this world also. Time for you to learn it, if you don’t know it yet. Truth about visible effect.

It doesn’t matter what you did, but what people see.

Actually, it doesn’t really matter how many hours you’ve spend on your project. It doesn’t matter how much Apple spend on design of new iPhone. People are interested in the final effect; that the new iPhone has a screen on the whole front. That your project made company revenue grow.

More wise people know, that stupid, dull work doesn’t give you any medals, nor money. We all know that hard work is important, but, it cannot become your whole life. You can’t assemble pens eight hours a day, and say you’ve achieved a success. You’ve made one cargo ship of ball pens, but it’s not something groundbreaking. Chinese factories make it everyday.

Focus on the most important part and details will follow.

Perfectionism has one big disadvantage: it prevents you from going forward when one percent of project is not made properly. Such trait of character is very limiting in business world, where majority of projects and products barely add up altogether. Everyone who has even little experience in business, knows truth about deadlines and orders – it’s made enough good to be in one piece, but not so good to call it a good product. That’s the reality we are living in, and you have to accept it.

It forces you either to focus on the most important things, or, fail. What is more important on a war: working Jeep without lights and a frame mounted askew, or Jeep’s well made frame without an engine? There is a obvious need of transport, so if you have a working Jeep – you are extremely happy. It really doesn’t matter if you have working lights or no, if everyone around is shooting. Imagine yourself as a commander of war, and you will win any business battle.


But those 80% of work which make 20% of effect have to be done anyway.

That’s a small problem, that those 80% still have to be done. If you don’t want to work hard without any effect, then you have to somehow get rid of it. The easiest method is to outsource it to a different company. Second, is to hire someone and pay him to do it. Third is to get rid of it completely.

Third option is the most preferable one, but you cannot throw majority of your project away. So, optimize it! Do what you can best, throw half of it away, and pay someone to do the rest. One of the most funny things in the world is that the most boring, dull and psychologically tiring work, is the least profitable one. With such attitude you can do more in less time, and even be less tired. Doing more means more profits, means more steps forward.

Because it doesn’t matter how much work you’ve put in it. People will buy effects of it. Not your history.