Never give up your territory

One of most valuable assets is your private space and possibilities in life you own. When you give them up, you lose your territory.

Never let anyone force his point of view on you.

If you believe in something, have a certain goal and have a knowledge how to do it – don’t let anyone trample your beliefs. If you have a value, then don’t allow anyone to tell you that you don’t have any. There is absolutely nothing worse than losing your point of view and focus, only because someone insulted you or told you it’s sh*t. Because when you don’t trust even yourself, then you don’t have a stable course through life.

I wouldn’t like to tell you that you are the wisest guy in the world, but you have to keep in mind your abilities and skills. Personally, I believe that people who are teaching others the most, are those who have the biggest problem.

Respect and authority are holy for a man.

Man without any respect nor authority is socially nonexistent. No one is going to take you serious, if you give up all your values after five minutes of conversation. I mean, when you meet a guy with different point of view – it’s great, you talk about the differences and go away in peace. What you can do to lose any respect, is to give up all your beliefs after few minutes, and start to believe in what he believes. Such phenomenon is popular among objects known as flags. They change the direction when wind changes. No one likes people who behave this way.

Man without authority in a society doesn’t attract any women. Doesn’t seem like a trustworthy partner in business. Simply, doesn’t represent an image he should represent, because guy without his territory is not a man.

Why I don’t want to impress people who don’t like me.

Rule number one:

You can’t make everyone love you.

Rule number two:

Never forget rule number one.

First of all: people who don’t like you usually have a reason to do so. Doesn’t matter if real on imaginary – they have it. When you know that, then you can also deduce, that anything you do, they will look with even bigger hate at you.

There are so many people in this world, why would you waste your time to convince haters to love you? I bet that there will be people left to love you, even if you convince whole continent hate you (but don’t try to do it).


Personal territory: physical and psychological.

There is something known as a personal space. It’s a area about one meter around you. Allowing people to step into it means that they are your friends, relatives or wife. Otherwise, someone is attacking you with use of a body language. This gesture is subconsciously perceived as a lack of respect to another man.

Second case is verbal assault on your authority. People who dare to offend you, directly step into your psychological personal space. Leaving such attack without response will lower your authority and respect in eyes of people around. Man who desires those two, should never let other people tumble his territory.