4 reasons why I love online shopping

Buying new things is fun almost for everyone, but which way to do it? Go to shop or buy it online, while you can buy everything in the internet? Check out below.

Reason number 1: online you can buy everything.

Who doesn’t like buying new clothes, phones or car accessories? De facto, men love their packages with car parts as much, as women clothes. It’s only a matter of changing a category. Online you can buy everything; from clothes, through TV’s, to furniture. Even the biggest shopping mall in United States, cannot compare to choice you have on eBay and Amazon. And those two are only two sites from millions, or billions of them.

That’s the first reason I like online shopping, especially when I have to furniture my apartment, what I’m doing right now. It saves me few hours of walking around shopping malls.

Reason number 2: you can do it from anywhere.

One of most important things about internet, is that you can use it from anywhere. It really matters when you are working all day, then commuting, and have to buy something. Anyone who is doing something interesting in his life, doesn’t have so much time to travel across shopping malls, especially during workweek. It means that you can order your TV from subway, train or an airplane – if you have money for WiFi. It also means, that you are not going anywhere to buy it. You simply don’t waste your time to find parking, walk across a mall and wonder from shop to shop. You find interesting thing, push a button and buy it. It can turn five hours in a shopping center into twenty minutes on a couch.

Reason number 3: internet – it’s cheaper.

Basically, there is too much guys in the internet to compete with. Majority of branches is overcrowded in the internet, and those guys are barely making they cut with minimum profit. Rule is simple: the cheapest guy is selling the most. So, if your price is higher even by 10 or 20 percent – you sell nothing. Because why to pay more for the same thing?

Online, you don’t pay for the shop’s rent, staff and electricity. Everything is working without people who have to take care of you, so cost of processing your request is something around one cent. Delivery guys had to deliver it to the shop anyway, so they only change to course to your house.

Reason number 4: it will come to you.

Try to buy a sofa without a truck, good luck. Unless you have a big ass truck, then you can’t buy much. Problem with shop delivery is it’s price, they simply call too much money when compared to the internet. And you don’t have to move it from the trunk to your home. That smiling guy from online delivery department, has a really helpful job – he delivers everything directly to your house. It allows you to take your time, and only wait for it, instead of fighting with the car’s trunk to fit everything you’ve bought today. Do it few times and you will really fall in love with courier company.

Basically, after buying almost ton of crap to the new apartment, I really fell in love with online shopping. It’s unbelievably more fast, convenient and friendly way of buying anything.

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