People don’t change, they only get old

Years are passing, world around is changing. But do people really can change? Or maybe they just get old? Find out below.

Years are passing, and people still behave same way.

When I was a young kid, I thought that people can change. Everything around was putting pressure on me to behave certain way. School demanded from me to be patient. Friends at school wanted me to tell jokes all the time. Teachers wanted me to be kind to everybody. I really thought, that such things can change a man. But, things had gone absolutely different.

I realized, that I don’t want to be patient. If something can’t be delivered right now – screw it. I didn’t want to tell jokes all the time, and be funny for them, because I needed some time for myself. Finally, I realized that being kind to everyone doesn’t give you any profit. Forcing yourself to be kind to morons, only makes you upset.

Temper and personality don’t change.

You can change your habits and wash teeth three times a day. You can change your language and instead of “bullsh*t“, you can say “unconfirmed information“. But how you handle every single day – won’t change. Your reaction to annoying things won’t change. If you have Latino’s women personality, then you won’t be calm and easygoing, when someone is irritating you. Also, you won’t change your temper from a lazy couch fan to a superhero. What you can change, is your outer side as a person. But you definitely can’t change your temper and depth of personality.

Proof: I’ve met a homeless drinking guy, who was more interesting to have a conversation with than my co-workers at one company. He had a ruined life, and still his personality was something beyond desk, target and a computer.

If you think that something will change in other people, stop.

People can be ruined, depressed, uplifted and motivated. They can go through hard times, fight many battles and achieve greatness. But what they will bring from such situations is information, experience and scars. They seem greater than they were before, but do really those people changed?

I think that you could point instant money as a example, that good people can change into monsters when they start to see money. Truth is that maybe they never were okay, and only pretended to be good? That maybe they only pretended to be helpful people, who are worthy your friendship, and instant money only revealed their true side?


If someone was an angel, he will stay this way.

I believe that people who were really good in normal and usually boring life, will stay good, even on a frontline. I really believe, that someone who was a true angel, will stay a good man. Because if someone is born, raised and then lives such way – he feels guilty doing harm to people.

There are cases of transitions from a complete dick into a good man, but I think it works mainly only one way. That “bad” people can turn into angels quite easily, but good ones have hard time being a dick. That some schemes living in their brains, will never allow them to do harm to other people.