Consistency, something what will get you far

You can talk much about motivation, good ideas or resources and still get no result, if you lack consistency. Any progress is made because of constant action.

Motivation won’t work all the time.

One of often misunderstood things is belief, that motivation alone is enough to succeed. While motivation is important, and the more arguments to do something you have, the better it is, then lack of consistency makes it useless. In my country we have a saying “straw’s fire” what translated, means a short-lived enthusiasm. When straw is burning, it burns big. So big, that you can see it from far, but it burns quick. There is a analogy between that saying and people who have great motivation mixed with lack of consistency. You can deeply believe in what you want to do, but if you lack consistency, then you will burn out immediately.

There is no something like overnight success.

We often see immediate success of people, who seem like they did it inone day. You can think that Bill Gates fortune was made in five minutes. But truth is that it took him long time to do it. He had to win many business battles before Microsoft became a giant.

Actually, you cannot achieve anything without a preparation, because you don’t possess enough knowledge. No one beat world running record, because he was born this way. Usain Bolt had to train, to beat worlds sprint record. Michael Phelps has to prepare for long time, before he started to win gold medals. Those guys were born with a talent, but they had to work on it. They would lose to any man who trained, if they relied only on their talent, forgetting about work.


Instead of thinking too much, do it.

Hard work without talent is a shame, but talent without hard work is a tragedy. – Robert Half

What I personally believe, is that it’s better to have five mere, but hard-working employees, than to five brilliant, but lazy ones. People who have too big resources in shape of great intelligence or big talent, tend to think too much about themselves. They tend to think, that they are too big for “small” work and wait for something bigger. It leads them to a point, where they miss all opportunities, and end up on a couch doing nothing. In the final outcome they end up with much lower achievements, than less talented but hard working ones. Because they think that they can achieve anything, their great confidence instead of helping, ruins them.

Instead of ideas, concentrate on consistency.

Having one thousand ideas per day is not something unusual for intelligent people. Will to execute them all, will make you end up with fifty open projects, but none of them finished. Guy who was less wise could one idea but perfected it.

If you have many great ideas, it’s good. But it won’t give you money or effect, unless you do something with them. When you want to lose weight, then visit gym few times a week. Being motivated to work out is one thing. But what actually means, is getting your butt to the gym.