abandon neediness

Neediness, thing you should never show

When you want to get something from other people, never show that you desperately need it. Even if everything around you is burning, don’t look needy. Check why and how to not show your neediness.

People’s nature is to be impatient.

We people, want more and more of everything. More money, more things, more people around us. We want to have more love and more respect. Somehow we’ve learned to control our impatience from childhood, in order to function in a society.

But, we weren’t patient when we was born. Best example is to try to delay meal of a child. Child simply won’t listen to you. That is exactly what I want to tell you. While we’ve learned how to control our impatience towards everyday needs, we still want “higher” now. When you have money for a new dream car, you will run to the dealer. That’s the reality of our life.

People will play you when they see they can.

Everyone would like to live in a reality where everyone loves people around and is kind to them. While we can imagine such utopias, life learns us that world looks different. Reality is, that people will make additional profit on you, when they see they can. We know that customer can pay more, if he needs product fast. In fact, this mechanism originates from our personal sphere of life.

Imagine the most annoying guy from work asking you desperately for a favor. You will do it, but something inside you is boiling and asking for revenge.

Women are those who see neediness first.

Term of neediness is probably most known among people, who pick up women for fun. They are those, who have fundamental knowledge about effects of showing your weak side. Because women are seeking a man, who is stable in his life and self-confident, they eliminate those who show any neediness first. Only because he looks weak, he is eliminated automatically. That is the paradox, that you want something, but you can’t show it. It’s also one of things, which hit you in a face when you grow up.


When you show you have an alternative, then they start to respect you.

From business point of view, one of the most scary things is a customer, who has an alternative. Because he has an second option to you, you are automatically trying to make a better offer, than the second company. That is what you need to do with your neediness. Throw it away and pretend that you have an other option, even if you don’t have it. It’s quite funny, but it’s a standard in business world. There, majority is pretending to have something, when they have nothing.

In order to make people perceive you with more respect, you need to keep calm when everything around is burning. If your business sinking, you can’t show it. You have to go hard in the paint that everything is ok. Only then, anyone is going to respect you. But if you go to a customer and shout you need him to buy something, to save your business, you will either get kicked out or offered half of the price. Choice is on your side.