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Connection between weather and your mood

One of most important things in life is your mood. Learn what is the connection between it and weather, and how your body works. Learn why in northern countries depression is more popular than on equator.

Amount of sun directly affects your mood.

What would you like to see in the morning: shining sun or gray cloudy sky? Why all advertisements use sunshine instead of gray clouds? We naturally prefer high amount of light everyday. Our body is making vitamin D, when we are exposed to sun. Vitamin, which is responsible for our mood. Lack of this vitamin (especially in countries near North Pole, like Norway) can lead to worse mood and limited productivity.

Even on example of myself I see, that I need sun. I felt much better in sunny Los Angeles, than rainy Central Europe. Actually, nothing was different between LA and Europe, because I had same people and living standard, but amount of sun dramatically affected my mood.

High atmospheric pressure makes you happy.

I don’t know how much you know about meteorology, but rain mostly falls alongside with low pressure. Mostly, because there are few exceptions. That’s why when rain is falling, majority of people is feeling bad. Rain in fact doesn’t make us feel sad and dull, because it’s only water. Problem is in lack of sunshine, and low atmospheric pressure. Those make us feel like a walking jelly.

High atmospheric pressure makes you feel happy, especially when it comes with a beautiful sunshine.

Why being depressed is more popular in countries near Earth’s Poles.

Basically, earth looks almost the same from every side. But people don’t feel the same way in every part of it. I don’t know how much you are into geography and astronomy, but the closer to the Poles, the shorter the day on average. If you have good memory, you remember why shorter day is worse for you. Because of less sun and less sunlight means worse mood. Quite easy, isn’t it?

That is an answer for the question from the beginning, why people are depressed because of weather. You see, in European countries (and probably in Northern America also) the closer to North Pole you live, the more depressive the place is. How many times you’ve heard about amazing gray and dull place to spend your holiday? I bet never. Miami and Gran Canaria are not famous for their architecture and culture. Those two are of course important, but people go there because of sun and possibility to get a tan.


If you feel bad at home, maybe it’s a matter of weather and climate.

Feeing bad at home can be something beside annoying family, or pink tiles in the corridor. Those two can be really painful, but weather has bigger impact. When you wake up and feel like crap, big chances it’s because of weather. On my own example: I prefer to wake up everyday in a sunny place near ocean in US, than in city located in central or northern Europe. And that’s why many people move to such places. That’s also why you should think about it, when something is wrong in your life. Remember that:

If you don’t like where you are, move. You are not a tree.