Get yourself a brake and rest

I love people who have ambitions. I also love people who like achievements, because I’m a such a guy. But beside love for climbing mountains in life, I also like to rest and relax.

Hey rat, get yourself a brake.

Constantly hurrying and pursuing something in life? I believe that ambitions will get you far. But, don’t pursue happiness every minute.

Constant stress and focus, after few hours will get you tired. Constant pressure on your body will ruin your focus and determination. It’s a paradox, that the harder you try to focus, the worse effect you will get. Because you’ve not been born as a terminator. Because your body needs a rest.

Get yourself a good drink instead of coffee. Just rest.

I love coffee, people love coffee, my friends love coffee. Majority of society drinks it all the time to keep themselves living, but not for taste. Such attitude leads to burnout of organism and deprivation. Maybe instead of coffee every two hours in office, drink a milkshake? If you barely can stand on your feet, maybe get a good sleep instead of watching TV. There are better methods to ruin your life, than lack of sleep.

Back to coffee, it’s very useful once a week. However, when you use it every two hours, it brings more harm than profit.

Use this couch. It has a purpose.

Ninety percent chances that you have a couch at home. Do you know that it has a purpose? Instead of looking at it, use it. Jump, step, lay on it. Just do something to relax yourself after a hard day. And don’t turn on TV. Just put you ass there, and relax for half an hour. If you are constantly running for a whole day, then you deserve some rest. Even as little as half an hour, but get it boy. Your life is not only about work, and wasting time to chase targets. It is important, but you can’t do a life philosophy of it. You can’t fool yourself that your only task in life is working. Your body is quite smart, so give it a little rest and relax regularly.


If you can afford bottle of whiskey, you can also afford a massage.

Stop fooling yourself that you don’t have money for an hour of relax. Never believe that you have to work 14 hours a day, only to survive. I didn’t sign your credit card agreement. It wasn’t other people, who decided to buy your car on credit. Only your hand can get you into credit or financial trouble. So, if you had money for this new shiny iPhone, then you also have money for a massage, or visit to spa once a week or month.

Personally, I can’t stand people who look like walking one hundred dollar bill, while don’t have money for fun. What is the purpose of buying clothing on credit, if you can’t go to club and shine? If you can’t go out, then you are socially useless. All those things remain a treasure only for you.

By the way

When you are constantly tired, remember that:

“Pouring water from a leaky boat absorbes energy needed for rowing.”