Three things about different countries

Not every country is similar, and not all people live in the same way. Mentality and habits differ across countries. What’s usual in eastern Europe, is a shock in America.

Reading TripAdvisor doesn’t make you an explorer.

I’ve wrote about it few articles ago, that knowing something is not equal to doing something. That knowing something from books, won’t make you an explorer. Why am I telling you that? We all know much about other cultures and countries, from TV and internet. You know that Indian food is spicy, and Vatican is pope’s home. But unless you’ve been there – you’ve only saw few photos. You only can suspect how people are living in such places and who they are.

That is the point, where people make wrong judgements about people. Because if you are sitting in one place for your whole life, you will look only from a perspective of one place, one mentality and one culture. You can’t compare Germany to Panama, because it’s absolutely different system of thinking.

What works in one place, doesn’t have to work in other countries.

Plain example is an attitude towards customer. While American companies are quite trustful towards people, Eastern European companies are not so kind. That is because of people’s mentality and how they treat others. Try to return something in America – shop will gladly accept your return. Try to return something in Poland – they will ask you why, and won’t accept it so kindly. That is because polish people care more about money and often get rid of unused stuff, while Americans barely care. Small mental difference, but can affect your business. Second thing is business straightforwardness of American people vs Europeans. When American orders something, he buys it. When European orders something, he can change his mind and give up the purchase.

Temper – part of your character or group mentality?

You thought that it’s only personal matter? After traveling through few countries, I see that it’s rather matter of nation. Italians are very loud and quick, while Germans are slow, precise and quiet. Being explosive and emotional is not something outstanding among Latino women, because majority behaves this way. So, if you are a noisy guy living in Italy, maybe your temper is not so unique. Maybe it is something associated with a nation?

Every country has it own set of habits and behaviors, like Americans who are putting flags everywhere where they can. It’s something very strange, and unusual to European people, who see flags only on government buildings.


It matters, when you interact with people from other nations.

Doesn’t matter, if you are doing business, traveling or looking for a wife abroad: you should keep in mind, that something what for you is usual and absolutely normal, doesn’t have to be so for people abroad. That some behaviors can get you into conflicts and trouble, but more importantly, also could be effective as hell in solving problems. That, you could, and probably know things which other nations don’t know, and, you can use those to make your life better. To impress them, help them, or simply make new friends and connections.

Keep in mind that what you see everyday, doesn’t have to be as usual for other people as for you.