make decisions

How to make decisions faster

While world is accelerating, we need to make decisions faster. You really don’t have time to think deeply, what to choose, and the quicker you make your decisions, the better you are.

Key to make decisions fast is to define your goal.

Theoretically easy thing, but practically – hard. Any decision you want to make, from choice of milk, to multi-million contract, has to start from with goal. Gurus charge big money for such information, that before you even start to revise possible options, you have to ask yourself what you want. When you buy milk for yourself – you has to ask yourself what matters for you. If it’s color of the packaging, amount of fat in it, or brand. When you define what you want, what is in fact a goal, then you can compare your choices. Common problem among people, who need long time to decide is their lack of defined goal. They are placed in a situation forcing them to make a decision, which – they don’t want to make, and they don’t need to make.

Such people have to forcibly choose something and it’s the main problem. If they don’t need it, they can’t choose a good purpose to divide good from bad. You can say that example with a milk is too simple, but we too often forced to make decisions we don’t want to make. It’s very common among managing part of companies.

Never let other people decide for you. Directly or indirectly.

If you don’t have a defined goal from the first point, you’ll probably listen to other people around you. If you don’t have your own criteria, surely someone will lend you his. Skipping matter of self-confidence, people who don’t see their own needs in decisions, will be more affected by other people in their actions. Such decisions are not decisions you wanted to make, but you still hold full responsibility for them. While buying wrong milk will make your coffee bad, then wrong financial decisions will bail out whole company.

If anyone forces his solution on you, then let him take also responsibility for it. There is absolutely no point in taking part in other people’s ideas, when you don’t have any profit in it.

If you think too much about it, then probably it’s wrong.

Third thing is, that wondering about a decision is a clear sign of wrong decision. When you choose consistently with your inner “you” – you’ll never feel any regret or guilt. When you make decisions standing in opposition to your beliefs, then you start to worry. Such worrying is a clear sign, that you’ve made something wrong, or you care too much. While we have medicines for overthinking, we don’t have any for wrong decisions.

Reasons why you think so much about your decision can be lack of goal, or influence of other people. Personally, I think that it’s a sign that you should change your attitude towards it. ASAP.


Finally, less care, more speed.

And final point of guide how to make decisions fast, is simply limiting your care about it. Yeah, simply saying – don’t give a damn. I understand, that you could worry about effects of your decisions. But I have an answer for it: why you are making such decisions which give you worry? If you assume, that your decision could be wrong, why you’ve made it? What is the point of doing something with what you don’t fully agree?

We are not living in a era of dinosaurs, where wrong decision could end your life. Frankly, majority of our choices is crap. We choose flavor of breakfast cereals. We decide which way home to take. Our main problem is to sleep well. Any of those are not a threat to your life, nor can ruin your future, so why would you care so much? Why would you risk high blood pressure and a headache, for a opinion of other people? What profit you have? Below, you have a line from the Black Hawk Down to remind you something:

“See, you’re thinking. Don’t. Should have, could have, don’t matter.”