Never reject free information

Free information and knowledge, provided by schools and our friends is easy to underestimate in means of value. As we get older we start to see it.

Calling advice bullshit – is easy.

Lack of interest in free information is easy, when we have lots of it around. When you are surrounded by many people in your youth, telling you what to do – you have enough of it. But the older you get, the less free info you receive, because people want money for it. Because it has a value.

I started to understand value of education, when I have to pay for it.

I’m coming from Central Europe, so our best colleges and universities are free. That’s why I’ve never paid for it, and I’ve never felt how it’s to do it. As long as it was free, I judged every information in criteria of interesting, or bullshit. Right now, when I have to pay for business courses, it stopped to be so funny. When you face price of a half of monthly salary, you start to wonder if you should buy it. And it’s only only few day business seminar. In college, we played games on messenger to kill time. Now, when I have to pay, I really think twice before I reject any free information.

What you learn on those courses about management, for few thousands, I can get from my friends by messenger. But if I need information about marketing – I have to pay for it. How I miss those times, when people gave treasures for free.

You can’t revert time, but you can shape future.

I don’t regret rejecting any information in the past – because decisions I’ve made shaped me. But, the more prices for them I see, the more I think before saying “it’s bullshit”. Because, if your friend is talking about field he knows, and you not – maybe it’s better to shut up and listen. Maybe, you will use it in the future. Who knows? Maybe, life would force you to pay for those few sentences if you didn’t listen? That’s why I think twice before rejecting any free info. I don’t say that you should listen to everything and everyone – of course, we have lots of crap around us. I say, that maybe listen for a while, before going away. Maybe, someone is sharing with you something useful. Maybe it has a great value.

The most simple things are the most precious ones.

Telling people how to use excel is easy. It’s only clicking few things to calculate something. Now look at prices of such advanced level courses. They can bail you out. Why? Because everyone wants to know it, and only few want to share it for free. Now imagine, that most of university professors know that. You could just ask them in college how to do it.

If you already pay for information you know that. But if you don’t, listen to as many people around as you can. You will have a treasure for free. It’s not luck. It’s intelligence.