Who stands still is moving back

Size of your ego does matter, as much as your will to learn. Those who think that they are too big to grow, fall apart. Even after Harvard, you have to learn regularly.

You thought that there is one, universal truth?

No way it is. Few years ago, I thought that after obtaining certain set of skills and knowledge, I’ll be king of the world. And it was the biggest shot in the foot, I could do. Because if absolute knowledge would exist, someone would write a book about it, and make our life easier. But, every civilizational progress we’ve made, was because of changes and new information. That means, that what we knew few years ago is going to be outdated in future. That’s why absolutely wise people doesn’t exist. That is also why even the best can be outperformed.

Being the best today, doesn’t guarantee good future.

Being the best guy around is a good forecast for tomorrow. However, if you are not moving forward, not developing your skills, not broadening your knowledge and not making new connections – you are going to get old, outdated and boring guy. Because if you are not delivering any new value to people around, not using new methods and not surprising them – then every machine can replace you. One, not changing set of skills can be easily programmed. But constant development and learning not. Field in which people fail the most (at least what I personally see) is management, and overall business activities. People who were “commanders” of companies twenty years ago, still believe in their greatness. Sad truth is, that most of those people barely operate a computer. So what they can say about current market situation?

Schemes of actions exist, but the success is in exact information.

Everyone knows how to fire a employee. But only two from one hundred know what exactly to say. We have an instinct how to in general do something, like fix a car. But when it comes to a clutch, only mechanic knows how. This is the scheme I see often used by people around, my friends, and – probably also you. You know the overall concept. But what makes the effect, is precise knowledge how to make it good. Drawing like an six year old kid is still a drawing, but everyone can do that.


If you know what everyone knows, it’s not a treasure.

You can read a yellow book with passion. People will love you. You can do it twice, less people will listen. You can even do it three times, but no one is going to listen to it. Because even the most emotionally loaded story, which doesn’t deliver any content is simply boring. My personal advice is to invest in your mind, in your knowledge, and remain the best guy around. Be faster than anyone else, and everyone will love you. Because when you are the only provider, then they have to come to you.

Let someone else praise you, and not your own mouth; an outsider, and not your own lips. – Salomon

But if your own ego eats you, then your greatness will visible only to one guy. You.