I like the way you look

Let me say few words what your eyes tell me about you. And how I can use it.

Your eyes are reflection of your soul.

No, don’t think about the romantic definition of it. I’d rather say that eyes reflect who you are. They are the second thing we usually care about, when we see someone new. After looking on clothes and movement, most people look into the eyes. And that is the moment, where first impression is created.

Times when our eyes were only a tool, are gone forever. Beside looking, we use them to express our feelings and emotions. Eyes are powerful tool to show someone appreciation, domination or simply friendship.

Way in which you look at others instantly shows who you are.

You don’t even have to speak, to let others see your personality. I can say what type of a guy or girl you are after two seconds. If you constantly admire tiles on the floor, it shows your lack of confidence. Looking directly into eyes, with eyes wide open shows your friendliness. But also, looking directly into eyes can show aggression.

Few people around here read a book or two, about body language and they look at everyone around like on sh*t. They’ve read that looking all time, directly into eyes is a sign of confidence. Yes it is. But when you do it all the time, you show people around they are crap, or you are an idiot. I’m sorry to say that, but looking on the ground few times a day can be useful, for example not to stumble over the curb. It’s not a sign of weakness. It’s a sign of self-preservation instinct.


Eyes can build relationships for you.

From experience I know, that saying “Thank you” while looking at your interlocutor builds a relationship between you both. Small one, but still a relationship. It is a big step forward to build relationships with people. Now, do it a hundred times and count how many possible friends you could make.

I’ve heard that talking with people is hard. I think that the point is in communicating with them. Not talking. Looking at your friend while listening to him, makes him believe that you’re listening. Otherwise, he will feel like he’s talking to a wall.

We like people who have beautiful eyes.

Having beautiful eyes is not an aspect of luck. Usually, it’s only courage to open them. Wide. All of us have almost the same construction of eye ball. But when you open it in half, looking at the tiles on the floor – then, they look like crap. But when you open them wide (it won’t make you tired), look at your friend/girl/grandma few times into eyes – they will tell you about your beautiful look. Try it even today, it doesn’t hurt, and remember: we all like compliments.

Personally, I don’t trust people who barely open their eyelids, leaving only a small point of eye visible. They seem to me like they’re avoiding something. Like truth hitting directly into face. There is something wrong with such people, because they look different from those who didn’t sleep. They have very tense facial expression, their eyes are running away from mine, and for me – something is wrong. Lack of relaxed look can be a sign that someone is lying, he is stressed, or you are going to be cheated next in two minutes.

The best way to look like a friendly guy (or woman), with whom people would like to hang out, is to open your eyes, look confidently (but not all the time), and show people that you like them. It can pay double. And it is just the way you look at them.