How to have a good day

Wishing someone a good day is not as complicated, as actually enjoying your day by yourself. Curious how to do it good?

First of all: sleep well.

Start your good day one day before. Before anything you do to enjoy your day, you have to have energy for it. To have energy, you need to sleep well. Sleeping well consists of:

  • Good place to sleep – good bed and proper temperature in bedroom,
  • Empty stomach – eating anything directly before sleep will ruin it,
  • Enough hours of sleep, usually from 7 to 9.

Most people have problem with last point, not even thinking about previous two. You have to sleep at least 7 hours to feel well, and best length of sleep is multiple of 1.5h, like 7.5h and 9h. Going to bed early is not an ultimate solution, especially when you wake up at 5am. Second thing, often forgotten is empty stomach. When you are sleeping, your body is regenerating. Giving it additional work – to process food – consumes it resources to prepare you for the next day. In effect, you wake up feeling like a mashed potato.

Eat well.

Directly after waking up – drink a glass of water. It’s not a big thing, but instantly refreshes your mind. After waking up, you have to deliver some fuel to your body. Usually, time to do that is less than 45 minutes – the faster, the better. But, eating anything is not an option. In order to have a good day, you have to provide your body a proper fuel. Eating crap will make you feel like a crap. Instead of chocolate cookies, eat something natural. Like scrambled eggs and avocado. It will make you feel fresh and powerful.

Lunch, dinner and other hobbies. What you eat, defines how you feel. Eating three cheeseburgers from a microwave won’t make you feel good. Instead of cheap two minute food, replace it with something nutritious. Even if that means eating Thai fried food, at least it has some protein. And it’s still better than microwaved semi-food.

Evening food? Limit your calories and fat. Eat something light, maybe some chicken and rice. Certainly, don’t make the office people mistake, and don’t eat a big banger at 7pm after work, while your breakfast was smaller than fist. It will certainly place you firmly on sofa for the rest of the day. And you don’t want that.

Surround yourself with worthy people.

Why I mention people after sleep and food? Because if you surround yourself with idiots, then, they are going to annoy you for a whole day. Asking yourself a very important question “what value does he add to my life” can save you hours of useless conversations. Unless you are helping someone (like non-profit), or doing business – I definitely don’t see a reason to spend free time with people you don’t like. Finally, it’s your life, and I think that you should spend it well. Therefore, surround yourself only with people who bring value to your life. Like information, care, love and joy. We have enough laments, problems and other crap in the internet. Don’t let it inside your life without a reason.

Finally, have a good day.

Actually, we really don’t need anything beyond good sleep, food and people around to be happy. Everything like money, possession of things, power and respect are only add-ons in our life. Letting them to be a main pillar can ruin your life. It’s like building a bridge upside down. It has sooner or later to collapse.

Remember, that only during a good day you can be truly creative and have good ideas in life. Even forcing yourself during a bad day to be great, won’t work as much as natural will to push forward.

Let good energy be your fuel.