How to find a good moment to act

Good moment is something like not buying stock before recession. Jump in the adventure, and learn what does it mean to choose a good moment.

Good moment is something beyond luck.

You know that you did it good, when you said “I love you” and she said the same. Also, you feel very well after avoiding a car crash just second away from it. But what it actually is? How to choose only good moments to act, and forget about inappropriate ones? Choice of proper time to act, is rarely associated with luck. Often, it’s a mix of skills, experience and ability to look around. Because in the same moment I’m writing this article I’m buying stocks on the market, I have to make a decision to do it now, or later. Easiest strategy is to push the buy button and forget about it. But the longer I live, the more stupid this option gets. Second one is to analyze everything three times, divide it on quantity of stars in the universe, and pray for good effects. Still, I don’t like this one also. I simply don’t have so much time. Third one, is the good moment strategy (name came from people who will ask how I did it, I’ll tell I just know how to find a good moment). This means I will buy the stock when I feel it’s proper time to do it.

Lack of sense when to hit the right note won’t ruin your life, but also won’t make it better.

Maybe one day I will write an article how to make few bucks on stock market, and how to choose right time to do it. For now, you have to hold on and keep reading. Kissing a girl when she doesn’t want to, won’t ruin your life. Only make your cheek red. Inability to ask for discount won’t ruin your wallet. But will cost fifty bucks. Also, lack of sense when to close the deal won’t kill you. However, probable profit will be dead. But what if you could find the right moment almost every time?

Education and experience.

Learn. More. Because education is something what will make you better. Knowledge, that lack of reply to the customer can mean stronger negotiation position, can win you few thousands. Experience in BASE jumping gives you opportunity to perform new tricks. In fact, choice of good time to act is not a matter of luck. It’s a matter of knowledge and experience that you can do it. Those guys in WRC racing don’t rely on luck. They know that next turn won’t kill them. They did it hundreds of times. People who are closing big deals don’t guess. They have experience when to close the deal. Those people know how to deal with customer. But majority will see only their luck to choose a good moment.

What finally I did with the stocks? I didn’t buy them. My favorite’s price is going down. I feel I will wait. Because I feel I can wait.