Why you should never stop learning

Do you know the best adjective used to describe people of success? An ability to learn? What makes you really great in life?

No one was born with absolute knowledge.

Learn one, very important thing – no one possesses absolute knowledge, and those who are the best – constantly are learning. Salomon, who – in fact – was quite wise guy said:

Do you see a person wise in their own eyes? There is more hope for a fool than for them.

The same applies to anyone who is running his own business, Instagram account, work as a consultant. When you start to value yourself and your knowledge too much, then you go directly to the bottom. There is absolutely no mistake in believing in yourself, putting value in things you know. But there is a problem, when facing a problem, instead of education, you place pride first. Failing, but learning from it, is called a “road to better you”. But failing and repeating empty slogans, instead of learning is a life failure. It is more important to learn when your effects are crappy, than to tell everyone about it. Knowledge is exclusively for you. People can only listen about it, if they like you. Of course, unless you are a teacher.

Even if you were the best at college, never resist to learn.

Actually, any kind of superiority is a possession of things or features, which other people don’t have. Even if you have natural predispositions and talent, other people can learn how to be better and outperform you. It is only a matter of time, when other people will learn what you currently know. Only because they don’t have a choice and they have to.

When you learn new things faster than they learn old ones, then the distance between you and them will be enough. Despite how cruel it sounds: at work and in business, when you don’t have anything what people want, you are useless for them. If you were the best manager in 90′, you will still be loved as the best manager of the 90′. But no one will hire you in 2018. You are good as a legend, not as a solution to current problems.

Those who had the most secure position, usually are the most threatened.

Old branches like newspapers are having hard time compared to 70’s. Nowadays barely anyone is reading classical paper newspaper. Their survival depends on ability to adapt to current trends, and understand than paper is going to be a part of history in few years. Those which managed to move their existence from paper to web, are living well. Those who didn’t, well, ended their lives or are barely selling anything. Now go back to the 70’s or 80’s: who would have courage to assume that their role would be over in 40 years?

Conclusion is quite easy: learn, even if you today don’t have to. It will pay in the future.